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Physical evidence of Infidelity, Adultery, Cheating left by the Unfaithful Spouse

Black light to detect body fluidStains or traces of bodily fluids on clothing or on underwear are common. The idea of lipstick on a shirt collar or cologne on her clothes is common. We have had private investigative cases where we advised our clients to look for clues on the clothing of their cheating spouse and they have found rouge on the inside of a shirt or the wrong color of hair in the garments.

A black light like the one shown here will make the invisible traces of body fluid visible to the human eye.

Check your spouse out for physical sings of sex like scratch marks or bruising from being grabbed or held. If you think that was spouse was just with the other person, try and get close enough to detect the odor of sex that often stays with someone for a few hours.

Look in the car. The car is a great substitute for a hotel room. Many people, particularly those who have time constraints use the car to meet the other person to talk, get to where they plan on being intimate or simply to have sex in. As private investigators, we see this happening often and many times, signs of that activity are left behind. Anything from stains to a piece of a condo wrapper to make up or undergarments can be found in the car. The car is also a frequent place from the cheater to leave notes, telephone number, receipts or other things they wish to hide that cannot be left at the office or taken home. Sometimes gifts from the other person end up in the car because the cheating spouse wants to keep them, but does not know where to put it.

For a working guy like a construction worker, mechanic or other laborer, look inside his toolbox, planner, glove box or whatever his item of choice is to manage his work. This is the most likely place to find that scrap of paper with that unknown address on it, that motel receipt, bar tab, love letter, etc. When looking, you need to be thinking like a private investigator looking for any clue that could be helpful. For a woman, her purse is the obvious place to look.

Look for souvenirs: Many times people committing adultery will buy gifts for their lover. If you spouse bring s home some unusual gift or item, beware. Many times they have an excuse ready to use when they are confronted. Often the excuse is that it was borrowed from a friend, is a gift from a co-worker or is something old that they left at work, etc.

Telephone messages and emails left on a computer are also common. Be careful not to violate any laws when looking in these areas, but if you are able to look there, you stand a great chance of seeing some proof of infidelity or an affair.

Mileage on the car. In most cases, your unfaithful spouse has to get to the other person and like most Americans, they use their car to do so. Take the time to learn the mileage to and from the office, school, or where ever they go each day. If possible, check the odometer. If he or she claims they went to work and back with no other stops and the mileage is twice that, you know you have a problem that a private investigator should help with.

Important Information about Private Investigations:

If you feel that your husband, wife, boy friend or girl friend is cheating on you, be sure to tell us eveything. As your private investigator, we are only able to get you the proof and evidence you need if you tell us the whole story. Anything less can have a dramatic affect on our ability to get you the information you seek. Although we are among the best private investigators in the industry specializing in infidelity and cheating cases who are recognized experts in court, we are not magicians! We cannot make things exist that don’t. We cannot find infidelity where it does not exist and sometimes, despite signs to the contrary, there is no infidelity or it is too infrequent or too well hidden to be found.

Accordingly, we do not guarantee any outcome on any case. is owned and operated by Advanced Surveillance Group, Licensed Private Detectives based in Detroit, Michigan. The agency works on cases nationwide and also contracts with licensed private investigators in other states as needed.

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