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History of Infidelity, Adultery, Affairs and Cheating & Unfaithful Spouses

History of Infidelity, Adultery, Affairs and Cheating & Unfaithful Spouses

The History of Infidelity

When most people hear the word infidelity, they think of someone cheating on his or her marital partner, more commonly known as having an affair or being unfaithful. The word infidelity actually comes from the word infidel, which means someone who has betrayed or been unfaithful to their religion. It can also simply mean someone who generally lacks faith. Over time, infidelity began to take on a new meaning, and rather than meaning one who has lost his or her faith, it has become symbolic of one who has is not fiathful to their spouse or lost faith in their marriage. Today it is typically termed for someone who has been disloyal to their spouse, usually sexually, and is used interchangably with terms like adultery, affair, being unfaithful or simply chaeting on your spouse. In some countries, particularly those within Asia and the Middle East, infidelity is considered a very serious crime. Several centuries ago, this crime was punishable by death, either by public stoning, hanging, or worse. Today, it is still considered illegal in many areas of the world, and even in some areas of the United States.

The word infidelity is synonymous with the word adultery, which is forbidden according to the 7th rule in the Ten Commandments as set forth by God. The Christian religion in particular looks down upon infidelity. Today, infidelity is one of the number one leading causes of divorce worldwide. Since the time of the Holy Bible, infidelity has been mentioned. Abraham and Jacob were both written about in the Bible as being unfaithful husbands. This dilemma has been going on for thousands of years, and it seems as though it may never cease. The desire for one who is married to be with another person seems to be a problem that history has accepted, and the modern world has learned to live with. It's much easier said than done when you are the spouse of the one who has been untrue.

Infidelity has been written about in literature for many centuries. From the classic plays of William Shakespeare, to the modern works of Arthur Miller, cheating husbands and wives give creative artists much more ideas to develop drama and fodder for exciting plots. Movies have always used infidelity as a way to create an exciting film, and often murder or other devious deeds ensue. For those who feel they may have been betrayed, hiring a private investigator is always an option. This gives the other person the chance to "catch their partner in the act," so they will have some proof if or when they need to present this information to the courts. Infidelity almost always grants the victim the benefits in divorce cases. Therefore, enlisting the help of a private investigator can be helpful when trying to obtain proof of the assumed cheating.

Lust and longing can create problems when your partner is looking in the other direction and having thoughts about someone else. Unfortunately, infidelity has been in existence as long as humanity has, and it's something that some people must deal with. For those who have become victims of infidelity, it's good to know there are people who can assist you in getting your life back on track. With the help of private investigators, lawyers, friends, and family, anyone who has had to deal with infidelity can get through the difficult time and hopefully come out with the upper hand.

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