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Infidelity, Adultery, Affair, Cheating, Unfaithful Spouse

Infidelity, Adultery, Affair, Cheating, Unfaithful Spouse

Why does infidelity happen?

Infidelity can happen in a marriage for many reasons. It could be that the person who is cheating doesn’t feel like they are getting enough from the marriage or that they have low self esteem. It could even be, that they are looking for a way out of the marriage, but can’t gather the courage to ask for a divorce.

What types of infidelity are there?

One of the latest trends in cheating is emotional affair. Through the Internet unhappy spouses are establishing friendships that unintentionally cross over from a simple friendship to something much more. This can be especially devastating to a marriage because this cannot only lead to a physical affair, but it is normally on a much more intimate level than the purely physical affair. However, there are many other ways a spouse can cheat. He or she could start having an affair with a co-worker that they have to spend many hours with or it could be that the spouse purposely goes out to a bar or the like, looking for someone to cheat with.

What are the signs of infidelity?

Although there are many signs, and a complete list is shown elsewhere on our site, some of the classic signs of cheating are unexpected hang-ups when you pick up the phone, a decline in the spouses sex drive, sudden changes in the amount of time your spouse spends at home, etc. There could also be other reasons for these signs, but if one starts to see a few of these in their spouse it is possible that they may be cheating.

Why call a private investigator?

A private investigator will give the potential client sound advice on how to handle the situation. When calling a private investigator one of the first things they will likely tell a potential client is that they shouldn’t confront their spouse. This would possibly cause a problem if the client wants to catch their spouse “in the act”. More than likely when a spouse has been confronted about an affair and then denies it, they will start to be twice as careful when cheating. This will make the private investigators job much harder. However, whether or not the spouse has been confronted before hiring a private investigator it is still a good idea to seek their help. A private investigator can give them peace of mind or help them make the toughest decision of their life. Either way, it will help the client make an educated decision.

How does a private investigator find out the truth?

If a client suspects that their spouse is cheating the first thing a private inv there are many ways that a private investigator can simply follow them with a video camera and try to catch them on tape. They can also follow the spouse around and take photographs. A private investigator can also find out information through background checks that reveal other information that their client doesn’t know about. The activity on bank and credit card accounts that you can see could show that the spouse was renting hotel rooms several times a month or that they could be going out to lavish dinners at fancy restaurants, amongst other kinds of suspicious behavior.

What to do once your private investigator confirms that your spouse is cheating?

The fist thing that the private investigator would probably recommend is that their client confronts the spouse. Once the spouse has been confronted about the infidelity, there are a few avenues the client can take. They can decide to try and forgive their spouse for the infidelity and seek marriage counseling, they can decide on a trial separation from their spouse or they can decide on a divorce. If the client does decide on a divorce, they can choose to use the evidence along with the private investigator’s testimonial in court, to help further their case.

Important Information about Private Investigations:

If you feel that your husband, wife, boy friend or girl friend is cheating on you, be sure to tell us eveything. As your private investigator, we are only able to get you the proof and evidence you need if you tell us the whole story. Anything less can have a dramatic affect on our ability to get you the information you seek. Although we are among the best private investigators in the industry specializing in infidelity and cheating cases who are recognized experts in court, we are not magicians! We cannot make things exist that don’t. We cannot find infidelity where it does not exist and sometimes, despite signs to the contrary, there is no infidelity or it is too infrequent or too well hidden to be found.

Accordingly, we do not guarantee any outcome on any case. is owned and operated by Advanced Surveillance Group, Licensed Private Detectives based in Detroit, Michigan. The agency works on cases nationwide and also contracts with licensed private investigators in other states as needed.

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