Illegal Cohabitation and Alimony

Do you pay alimony to an estranged spouse who is cohabitating with another man or woman against a court order? Are you the victim of an affair that ended your marriage and now they are collecting alimony while living together and hiding it from the court?

Alimony and Cohabitation

Have you sought help from your attorney only to be told that there is nothing they can do without solid proof? In most cases, our clients are already certain about the cohabitation but have been directed to enlist the services of a third party professional to obtain proof. The investigators at Advanced Surveillance Group can help you. We have assisted people just like you, from all around the country, to get out from under the extreme burden of paying support.

When it comes to obtaining proof of cohabitation, laws vary greatly from state to state. You should consult with your attorney before the onset of any investigation in order to avoid any unnecessary costs, or concentrate on a particular area of the investigation that may later be ruled irrelevant or inadmissible.

Our investigators utilize the latest tools and technology when it comes to providing the proof necessary to cease payments of alimony. In some cases, surveillance may be all that is necessary. In other cases, we can “pull the trash” to acquire evidence of an unauthorized person receiving mail at the target address. Certainly, the combination of both would be considered strong evidence in most states.

In some states, the burden of proof is tremendous, such as 30 consecutive evenings of surveillance. This requirement, fortunately, is an exception and not a rule.

If you’re trying to supplement your lost income and your current relationship is suffering due to long hours at work, we can help you. If you’re finding yourself in financial hardship, when your estranged spouse seems to be living on Easy Street, call the private investigators at Advanced Surveillance Group.

Note: the above information is the opinion of Advanced Surveillance Group and not deemed to be accurate nor as legal advice. Please consult an attorney BEFORE acting on any of this information.