If you are having doubts about hiring a private investigator to watch your spouse or not, we empathize with you. It is likely to be one of the hardest decisions you will make.

You want to believe in them and you want your doubts to be unfounded. But the reality is the more often than not, if it has gotten to the point of looking for this type of information on the internet, you have more than enough doubts to merit hiring us.

This is a terrible situation for you to be in and it is equally bad for your spouse. Take this into consideration: your spouse is telling you that “you are crazy” to think he/she is sleeping with someone else.

They deny it absolutely, and if you really think about it, they don’t have a choice.

If they are not cheating on you, they have to deny it. If they are cheating on you, but they don’t want your relationship to end, they will deny it because it will either kill the relationship or badly damage it – something they don’t want. If they are cheating on you and they plan on leaving, our experience tells us that they will lie to you until the very last moment for one of two reasons, the person they want to be with is not 110% committed be with them indefinitely or they feel that they cannot get divorced due to monetary concerns or religious one.

cheating victim

In short, there is almost no opportunity for the truth to come out on it’s own and if it does, the timing is completely controlled by your unfaithful spouse. It is our estimation, these conditions make up the vast majority of infidelity cases.

This leaves you trapped as an emotional wreck. You can either accept the pain and anxiety or get the proof you deserve so you can take control of your life and make the decisions you need to. You deserve more from life. We urge you to take back control and get the proof of spousal infidelity that you need. They may be having an affair and they can lie to you about the infidelity, but you have the power to get the truth.

Some prospective clients are concerned about the price. We are confident that our prices are very competitive, but if money is an issue, we would simply ask you, how much time, energy, money and happiness have you invested in this relationship. To stay in a false marriage because you denied yourself access to the truth will be far more painful and expensive than spending $800.00 or $ 1,000.00 to get your life back.

At ASG, we aim to provide that proof and give you back your life. It is a difficult thing to face up to, but you did not create this problem. You deserve to have your piece of mind. You deserve the truth. Please call us today for help at 888-677-9700