private investigator testimonials

Private Investigator Testimonials

private investigator testimonials Every day we are hired by clients who learn about us on the internet. As part of that research and evaluation of the many different firms you can find on the web, we feel that it is important that you be given an opportunity to learn about the past experiences of others who have been in your position before. Below you will find a number of testimonials from our clients. We hope that their thoughts give you some additional information upon which to evaluate us.

  • May 2006

    ASG did a superb job! They were able to obtain excellent photographic evidence, both inside a dimly lit restaurant and outside at night. Their work leaves no doubt as to the nature of the relationship between the two targets of the investigation.

    J. Kelly, Florida
  • January 2006

    Thanks for all your help. I will stay in touch and gladly use your service again. Because of your help, the truth finally came out…

    J. Ridlock, Michigan
  • August 2005

    I am pleased to recommend ASG to anyone who might benefit from their services. Recently, ly wife and I were having difficulties after 16 years of marriage. A former colleague of hers began aggressively pursuing her. I retained ASG to learn what was going on. They responded quickly and professionally. They provided timely feedback and were always able to adjust to my schedule, even on short notice. Because of the thorough, professional work of ASG, I was able to learn exactly what was and was not going on.

    M. Kelly, Texas
  • October 2005

    I would like to thank you again for the professional handling of my request. I was hesitant to hire a private investigation I found on the internet, but you handled every step professionally and ethically. I would not hesitate to hire you in the future. I admire you and your researchers for the work they did.

    G. Lee, South Carolina
  • October 2005

    Great work Brad! Thanks for your quick work. I wasted money on a couple of internet investigator site and got outdated or incorrect information. You guys are pros.

    C.Perusse, Michigan

At ASG, we realize that hiring any professional service provider is difficult. We hope that the above recommendations help to put your mind at ease about calling us to discuss your case. The vast majority of our clients are people just like you, searching the internet, looking to find real help. You deserve to have your piece of mind. You deserve the truth. Please call us today at 888-677-9700