Signs of Infidelity and Spousal Infidelity

Signs of InfidelityInfidelity looks like different things to different people. You may consider a kiss an infidelity, while another person considers email communication with a former lover to be infidelity. There is no right or wrong definition. There are, however, some common signs of infidelity. These signs, if you suspect adultery, may have already made an appearance in your life. The only way to know for sure is to hire an ASG private investigator to confirm spousal infidelity.

Is Your Spouse Cheating on You?

Reading about a sign of infidelity and matching it to a suspicion in your life can be bone-jarring. This coincidence does not make the suspicion true. One of the worst things about thinking that you have a cheating spouse is the paranoia it can create. Every move, every word, every communication could have an ulterior motive. Every trip to the gym, doctor’s appointment, or night out with friends could be a cover for a different activity.

If you have your suspicions and are considering hiring a private investigator to confirm them, there are many potential signs of infidelity. Work obligations are an excellent cover for infidelities, especially if your spouse is cheating with a coworker. It’s hard for you to question the legitimacies of these responsibilities without looking petty or jealous. But work isn’t everything.

Signs of infidelity can include an increase in:

  • Time away from home.
  • Late nights at the office.
  • Business trips or work functions.
  • Unavailability at work.
  • Sex drive (yes, cheaters can get uncharacteristically friskier with their spouse).
  • Caring about their appearance.

A decrease in:

  • Sex drive.
  • Phone calls or texts to you (beyond the norm).
  • Answering phone calls or texts from you.

Financial signs of infidelity:

  • Unexplained receipts.
  • Unusual charges on credit card statements.
  • Having more cash available.
  • A sudden lack of spare cash.
  • Receipts and charges for items you never see.

Cell phone and computer activity that could signal infidelity:

  • Keeping the cell phone by their side at all times.
  • Getting uptight if you look at or touch their cell phone.
  • Calls from unknown numbers.
  • Stored or dialed numbers that you don’t recognize.
  • Cell phone bill showing long calls to unknown numbers.
  • Texting activity that is not explained or that they try to hide.
  • Leaving the room or the house to talk on the phone.
  • Using the computer secretly or only when alone.
  • Uncharacteristically spending a lot of time on social media.
  • Clears web browser history after every use of the computer.
  • Gets a new email address.

Other characteristics that could point to infidelity:

  • Your spouse was unfaithful very early in your relationship.
  • Your husband has a high-profile job or is a leader in some way.

Choose ASG Private Investigators to Confirm Signs of Infidelity

While the above list identifies potential signs of infidelity, if one or more of these activities is happening in your relationship it does not affirm that your spouse is cheating on you. Keep these signs of infidelity in perspective. Maybe your significant other has legitimately gotten busier at work – there’s a new client, a big project, a major presentation. Perhaps there is a health problem that has impacted their sex drive. They may prefer to do their own laundry rather than group it in with your things. Your spouse may not be someone who lives and dies by their phone and lack of communication may not indicate anything is amiss.

Nevertheless, if your gut is telling you that something isn’t right, explore that feeling. Chances are, you’re on to something. If you want to know for sure whether you’re living with spousal infidelity, stop wondering or looking for signs on your own. The surveillance experts at ASG will uncover the proof you need discreetly, accurately, and quickly. Contact us today for advice, assistance, and support during this emotionally charged time. Get answers and peace of mind one or another.