catch a cheating spouse private investigator

6 Best Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

All marriages go through tough periods or stages, but infidelity is something completely different. Some studies find that 15% of women and 25% of men commit adultery while married. However, those numbers are from surveyed participants who actually admit to the betrayal. The actual numbers can be far larger. Infidelity is a game changer and deal breaker for most people, especially considering the health and security risks involved. Fortunately, there are some simple and effective ways to catch a cheating spouse.

catch a cheating spouse private investigator

Check Their Phone

Cheaters tend to be overly cautious about the evidence on their phones. But that doesn’t mean traces won’t still remain. You need to be equally cautious here since hacking into a phone, even your spouse’s, is illegal unless your name is also on the bill or included under the phone number. However, if your spouse leaves their phone unlocked or you have the passcode, you can easily check contacts, text messages, emails, recent calls, pictures, and even messaging apps to see if specific names or details appear.

Once you find any solid or potential evidence, be sure to either screenshot it and send it to your email, or take a picture with your own phone and save it to email. Delete any screenshots from your spouse’s phone before returning it to its previous place. Evidence you personally gather likely won’t hold up in court if you’re not sharing your spouse’s phone. But at least you’d know.

Hit the Apps

Downloading tracking apps on your partner’s phone can be one of the best ways to catch a cheating spouse. You’ll obviously need to have access to their phone, and it helps if they don’t routinely scan or search their phone for new or hidden apps. But many free and low-cost apps can be run in invisible mode while tracking online sessions, social media and website visits, messages, emails, and more.

Dive Into Social Media

There are nearly 5 billion social media users on the planet. So your spouse likely has at least a couple of accounts they consistently use. Be sure to follow your spouse on these platforms to see for yourself if anything fishy pops up. While your partner may be conservative in their posts and comments, others may be more revealing.

Do Some Digging

Look offline for clues as well. Check their dresser or drawers for receipts or potentially another phone. If you find another device, see if it’s unlocked or contains hidden clues. Look in their closet and check the pockets of jackets, pants, extra purses, and travel bags. And be sure to check their bedside table as well. You may find some solid physical evidence that you’d never find through their tech devices.

Pop In Unannounced

Most spouses know all about the other person’s daily routine. So it’s easy for cheating to occur when that spouse knows you’re too busy or otherwise preoccupied during their fling time. So mix it up. If you have a feeling your partner is cheating, change your routine a bit without letting them know beforehand. Pop in for a surprise lunch at their work, show up early at home, or meet them at the gym sometimes. Just be sure to have a good answer for the sudden surprise before doing it.

Get a Background Check by a Private Investigator

Running a background check on the person you’ve already married and shared your life with may seem silly. But if they’re cheating, the right details can paint a vivid picture of their lies and desperation. A background check by a private investigator can show hidden social media accounts, blogs and paid cheating sites they belong to, hidden bank accounts or assets, and even contact details of side partners or secret kids. Give us a call when you’re ready to know the truth once and for all.