Are You Married to a Cheating Husband?

Cheating Husband

Do you suspect that your husband is having an affair? Are you worried you have a Cheating Husband? Your gut is telling you something isn’t quite right. The pain, embarrassment, anger, and other emotions that come storming in when you believe your husband is stepping out on you can cloud your ability to think straight. The devastation of an affair – or merely just the suspicion of it – can render you immobile. The private investigators at ASG are experts in gathering proof of cheating husbands, providing you with the confirmation you need to move on and make choices for your life.

Why Husbands Cheat

Infidelity is not unique to men alone. Women are also guilty of cheating. Some aspects of infidelity, however, are identified as primarily male behaviors or characteristics, and plenty of research on the subject has proven the point.

  • It’s just for the sex.

Men are more likely to commit adultery just so they can have sex, whereas women are often looking to fulfill a greater longing than just lust. The physical element often plays a bigger role than the emotional element for men, which is why a common phrase uttered by adulterous husbands may be, “It didn’t mean anything.” To them, it may not have.

  • He wants attention.

There are also men who do seek emotional fulfillment – with or without the physical element – outside of their marriage. Rather than address emotional dissatisfaction directly with his wife, or make the effort to carve out time to dedicate to his marriage, a man will cheat instead.

  • The marriage isn’t working.

In most marriages where infidelity occurs, something is wrong with the relationship – an element is missing, a connection has been broken, their needs aren’t being met, they’re not having sex anymore. Many cheating husbands will unfairly blame their wives for “making” them cheat. She gained weight. She isn’t as pretty as she used to be. She won’t stop nagging me. She’s only interested in the kids. I don’t get enough sex at home. These husbands seek affection elsewhere, leading to one or multiple infidelities.

  • He’s bored.

Most married men have plenty of responsibilities to keep them busy. Relationships, however, do become routine over time, especially when you have young children or are punching the clock at your job. To spice up the monotony, to get a thrill, to satisfy his so-called need for variety, to see what he can get away with, a husband may be more susceptible to the advances of another woman or pursue a woman himself just to see what happens.

  • He’s insecure.

Everyone wants to be wanted. A man who has never gotten a lot of attention from women and suddenly finds himself on the receiving end of praise and interest may be more swayed to follow through and commit adultery. Feeling old or feeling like the best times are behind him can also prompt a man to seek sex outside of marriage.

  • He blames biology.

Men will claim that it’s evolution that forced them to cheat, that they felt a base desire to spread their seed to as many different women as possible. But infidelity is always a choice.

  • He can’t help himself.

Some men seem to have the DNA that predisposes them to commit adultery. This genetic rendering is not an excuse for bad behavior. Whether this man feels guilty afterward or can separate the adultery in his mind depends on the man.

  • He’s selfish.

Plenty of philandering husbands are unapologetic about their actions and don’t even bother with excuses. The unfortunate fact is, many men cheat simply because they can. Temptations are everywhere, especially with online dating, social media, and mobile apps that encourage infidelity, or at least make cheating that much easier.

If you suspect that your husband is cheating, you deserve to know the truth. ASG private investigators are discreet, and all our services are confidential.

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Why Choose ASG to Investigate Your Cheating Husband

Our private investigators are not here to tell you why your husband cheated, but we are here to support you in the search for proof that he is committing adultery. We can document all your cheating husband’s activities with our surveillance services including:

  • Monitoring who he spends time with.
  • Noting where he goes and when.
  • Taking photos.
  • Using vehicle tracking devices.
  • Monitoring internet activity
  • Conducting asset searches.
  • Utilizing electronic eavesdropping detection.
  • Tracing emails.
  • Identifying the “other woman.”

Sadly, you are not alone in having a cheating husband. But your case is unique to you and your relationship. Your circumstances may call for commonly requested investigative services as well as specific measures to catch your cheating husband in his infidelities.

For many people, the reality of knowing the truth is far preferable to the deception of staying in the dark. Unfortunately for the wife who has been cheated on, not every husband shows remorse for his actions. Even when confronted with proof of his infidelity, he may deny it or see nothing wrong with his behavior. We will gather the evidence you need for confirmation of or action against your cheating husband.

Put a stop to your doubts and worries. No more waiting for the other shoe to drop. Contact ASG today to speak with a private investigator about your situation. Get answers, make decisions, and get some peace of mind.

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Cheating Husband