Signs Your Partner Might Be Cheating: Red Flags to Watch Out For

Infidelity is one of the most painful experiences a person can endure. The fear that your partner might be cheating can consume you, leaving you feeling betrayed and confused. At ASG Investigations, we understand how challenging this can be, and we’re here to help you identify potential signs of infidelity. While none of these signs […]

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4 Types of People Your Partner is Likely to Cheat With

Most people build their healthy relationships on a foundation of honesty, respect, and trust. However, as time progresses and boredom or resentment sets in, that foundation can crack, crumble, and completely deteriorate. Infidelity is a major reason relationships fail. Unfortunately, human beings often make decisions that inadvertently hurt their closest loved ones and most dedicated […]

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6 Best Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

All marriages go through tough periods or stages, but infidelity is something completely different. Some studies find that 15% of women and 25% of men commit adultery while married. However, those numbers are from surveyed participants who actually admit to the betrayal. The actual numbers can be far larger. Infidelity is a game changer and […]

Spouse Is Using a Dating App

How to Find Out If Your Spouse Is Using a Dating App?

According to The General Survey that spanned 16 years, 76% of American adults consider extramarital sex as “always wrong”. Still, 21% of men and 13% of women admit to infidelity at some point during their relationships. Regardless of surveys, statistics, and outside beliefs, most people feel extreme pain and betrayal over the discovery of a […]

Signs Your Wife is Cheating

5 Physical Signs Your Wife is Cheating

According to a major nine-year study on extramarital affairs, approximately 25% of Americans admit to cheating on their spouse at one point. While men, in general, are more likely to do so (or at least admit to it), women are nipping at their heels. There can be many reasons for you to suspect your partner […]

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Catch a Cheating Spouse: There’s an App for That

Most people feel that cheating is wrong, and yet up to 40% of married couples face some type of infidelity during the relationship. Outstanding personal and marital issues are almost always a precursor of infidelity, and intuition can be a strong sign that something is seriously amiss. However, intuition is tricky and can’t be relied […]

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Do Women Cheat More Than Men?

Relationships can be wonderful, but all romantic relationships hit rocky stages. Dissatisfaction, neglect, jealousy, goal or personality differences, parenting disputes, and financial issues can all play a part in cracking even the most solid foundation. Once upon a time, the term infidelity had far more serious implications leading to people whispering and consistently pointing fingers […]

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5 Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Everyone occasionally has sweaty palms, a sinking stomach, a flash of clarity, or recurring feelings about a person or situation in life. Those signs can be a gut feeling or intuition. When intuition strikes, it shouldn’t immediately be ignored. After all, true intuition can be right up to 90% of the time, at least at […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Husband’s Affair Won’t Last

Everyone’s On Their Best Behavior How many happy romantic relationships do you currently know of that began from infidelity? If you’re like most people, that list isn’t very long. According to some statistics, up to 7% of relationships that begin as affairs result in a future marriage for the couple, and a whopping 75% of […]