partner is likely to cheat private investigator

4 Types of People Your Partner is Likely to Cheat With

partner is likely to cheat private investigator

Most people build their healthy relationships on a foundation of honesty, respect, and trust. However, as time progresses and boredom or resentment sets in, that foundation can crack, crumble, and completely deteriorate. Infidelity is a major reason relationships fail. Unfortunately, human beings often make decisions that inadvertently hurt their closest loved ones and most dedicated partners the deepest. But knowing who your partner is likely to cheat with can help you get ahead of the surprise. 

An Ex-Partner or Flame 

Most people truly believe they can legitimately be friends with an ex-partner or lover. But lines and boundaries end up being crossed more often than not. Social media makes it easier than ever to reconnect with previous contacts, and that can often include exes. Maintaining any type of relationship that doesn’t involve shared parenting or extensive family connections also increases the risks that sparks will fly again the moment your current relationship with your partner hits a rough patch. Your partner should have friends outside of your relationship, but if they truly prioritize their relationship with you, they’ll avoid the ex-flame.  

A Coworker

More and more people are working longer hours to maintain their lifestyles or at least be able to afford some modern comforts. Fortunately, the days when the stereotypical family patriarch spent the day chasing his secretary around the office are long gone. But according to the Associated Press Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 36% of men and women admit they’ve slept with a coworker. So pay attention to who your partner is spending time with at work, and which coworker (s) they’re most often talking to and talking about outside of work hours. 

A Neighbor 

Cheaters often see adultery as a game and use betrayal as a pawn. After all, it’s all fun on their end as long as they can get away with it. Chatting with neighbors is a normal social function for most people. But for partners looking to cheat, that can become an opportunity. Women, specifically, are more likely to cheat with a neighbor because their male partners don’t think it would happen so close to home. Male cheaters usually cheat at a distance out of fear of being caught. Likewise, most men admit they’d never make that connection or suspect their neighbors of having affairs with their partners. Sometimes the biggest secrets lie in plain sight. 

A Complete Stranger (Especially Online) Yesteryear’s trope of picking up a complete stranger in a bar may have fizzled out. But the internet is ripe with cheating opportunities, regardless of whether actual physical contact is involved. Sites like Ashley Madison, Craigslist, and Tinder are upfront about their intentions. But social media outlets can connect potential cheaters with their prey as well. Physical affairs aren’t the only ways to cheat. Emotional affairs where a partner discloses personal details to others and develops feelings in the process can also tear apart relationships and result in deeper betrayal. If you’re concerned and don’t know where to start, call us or send us an email to discuss infidelity investigations and what we can do to help you discover the truth.