Spousal Surveillance F.A.Q.Spousal Surveillance F.A.Q.


What is spousal surveillance?

There are different forms of surveillance in a private investigation. Spousal surveillance documents what’s going on in your spouse’s life and provides evidence that is proof of an affair. Whether you want to check up on a husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend, professional private investigators offer multiple ways to follow a suspected cheater and unobtrusively document their activities without their knowledge.

Are your spousal surveillance services legal?

There are many misconceptions about private investigation firms. The spousal surveillance we do is completely legal because our investigations stay within the confines of the law. ASG may take photos or videos, use a vehicle tracking device, monitor internet activity and trace emails, conduct asset searches, and monitor who the person is with and where they go, legally and all without the subject’s knowledge.

How much does it cost to have a private investigator trail my spouse?

You will, of course, wonder if you can afford the services of a private investigator. Our spousal surveillance fees are typically billed hourly, and we accept credit cards, checks, cash, or money orders. Because careful planning is done in advance, you will have a good idea of what your charges will be. Whatever your budget, ASG will work with you to ascertain the answers you need for a price you can afford.

I’m too embarrassed and ashamed to talk about this situation.

Inactivity is the worst thing you can do when you suspect that your partner is cheating on you. If you believe in your gut that something is not right, chances are, it’s not. As private investigators, we are not here to counsel you on your relationship or offer advice about what you should or should not do with your personal life. It is, however, our job to gather and provide evidence of marital infidelity so you can make decisions for your life. Don’t be embarrassed about your situation. You are not alone. And you have the right to demand answers so you can stop driving yourself crazy thinking about what’s real and what’s not. We are interested in discovering the truth so you can have peace of mind.

How do you develop a spousal surveillance plan?

It is our goal to be productive, thorough, and cost-effective, so careful planning of a spousal surveillance operation is critical to successful execution. We rely on you to inform us about your spouse’s behavior – you know him or her best, after all. While we will do the dirty work, your details about where your significant other is supposed to be at what dates and times will help us develop a surveillance strategy and gather the information you need. Even if you don’t have intimate knowledge of their whereabouts, unexplained gaps in their availability are a good starting point. Our ASG investigators will guide you from start to finish during this emotionally charged time.

How many private investigators will be working on my surveillance case?

In many spousal surveillance cases, one agent is usually able to carry out basic surveillance alone, such as following the subject from home or work. If your spouse is traveling or if he or she works in a busy area, an additional agent may be necessary to ensure proper coverage and avoid losing track of the subject. Any suspicious spouse will also need to be covered by more than one agent so that the investigation is less likely to be compromised. Rest assured that the investigators at ASG are adept at blending in so that they can successfully gather information about your spouse’s activities without being detected.

What should I do once the investigation and surveillance have started?

Once we have developed and deployed your spousal surveillance plan, you can help our efforts by acting normally. Continue daily life as usual. Don’t alert your partner or imply that an investigation is underway. Try to keep your habits the same and avoid asking too many questions about their activities. If someone is cheating on you, they are already

Can my spouse find out that he or she is being watched or followed?

Our experienced investigators take every precaution to ensure that your investigation remains covert. If at any point we believe the security of the investigation has been compromised or threatened, we will back off and reevaluate the surveillance plan. Your input will again be valuable in this situation. Avoid threatening your spouse that you will hire an investigator to follow them. You will put them on alert and the suspected cheater will be that much harder to follow.

What if I’m wrong and he or she isn’t cheating on me?

The evidence we collect in our spousal surveillance efforts will include photographs and videos, if any, as well as a surveillance report detailing all activity we have uncovered. If our careful and thorough surveillance does not provide any evidence of infidelity, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. You will have renewed clarity about your relationship, and you will still have your relationship intact. Our investigations are completely confidential – you will not risk your relationship by requesting this surveillance.