Paying for two investigators

Sometimes you just need to use more than one investigator to catch a cautious cheater. Often our clients express concern about the cost of two investigators vs. one. What we often recommend is using two investigators (and get the job done correctly) but use them for a shorter amount of time. We have even used two investigator for purposes of following the subject through traffic to where ever he or she is going, and then dropping one of the investigators and letting the second private investigator get the film from there. We try and be flexible and work with our clients whenever possible. For more information, call one of our private investigators at 888-677-9700.

Tough locations to watch

Country roads are tough locations to watch. In remote areas, where people live on remote roads, surveillance can be very difficult. When there is no parking on the shoulders and no one ever parks on the road, the private investigator sticks out badly. In many of these cases, we recommend two or more investigators. One to be on foot or both in cars parked away from the residence but at intersections where the subject can be picked up if they depart. If the surveillance is at your home while you area away and you have a large amount of property, we can always walk into the woods or field and watch the house without trespassing.

Bugged house


Bugged House

We had a very unfortunate call from a prospective client who discussed her options of having her spouse followed. She was going to work out the detail and call us back. When she did, she informed us that her husband confronted her approximately one hour after she spoke with us. He quoted our investigator word for word. She was calling from her cellphone inside her house while he was at work. It’s unfortunate that this husband resorted to a bugged house in order to keep his secret safe.

To Confront the Other Person or Not Confront the Other Person

Every month we have a client or prospective client tell us that they want to confront the other person. We do NOT recommend this for any reason. We cannot come up with one reasonable objective that this will meet. You might think that it will make you feel better or that you will be able to give back some of the emotional pain you experienced but the reality is that this other person is not really a component. He or she owes you nothing and whatever reasons they have for getting involved with your significant other, it has nothing to do with you. They know they did the wrong thing and either they don’t care or they price of hurting someone else was one they were willing to pay. The ultimate reason that we don’t recommend you do this is because of the risk or emotions getting out of control and someone getting injured or worse. Live your life and the leave the cheaters in the gutter.

Confront the other person


If you suspect your significant other is cheating, call us today to see how we can help!

Be your own private investigator

Why do I need someone with a license to catch my cheating spouse? Doing it yourself is something that happens every day. Following your spouse is not illegal and maybe just the ticket to getting the proof you need to move on with your life, but there are risks. First of all, your cheating spouse is likely to be VERY aware of where you are and what you are doing. They take great care to monitor your activity to help reduce the risk that they will be caught (For some detail about the lenghts they will go to, visit our Cautious Cheater page) There is also the obvious fact that you are the spouse and you have none of the training and experience in surveillance that a private investigator does. Not only does your spouse know you and what you drive, and your mom’s car and uncle Bill’s truck, you are likely going to be very excited and nervous doing this yourself. These factors will certainly increase your odds of being caught and then you can forget about knowing the truth. If you going to try and gather some proof for court, that goes out the door too. Your a party and any evidence you gather will be suspect at best.

But what if I get a friend to do it for me? If you are paying the friend, then they are breaking the law and engaging in professional investigaitons without a license. They too lack the training and experience to get the job done correctly. They are also suspect when it comes to gathering evidence because they have a relationship with you. They could be noticed and if detected, potentially placed in harms way. The list goes on. To make this post a bit shorter, when you need to know the truth, invest in professional representation. The money will be well spent and you will get the proof you need to move on with your life.

Background Checks

Background checks can sometimes be a tricky subject. When you need information, saying I need a background check is similar to saying I need some lunch. Many things can make up a lunch (Ham Sandwich ~ Pad Tai Chicken ~ Bag of Cheetos) and many things can be included in a background check. It really depends what you think is out there and what your concerned about. Share your concerns with your private investigator so he/she can make the proper recommendations. Although many PIs have background search “packages” (and all the info whores on the selling old public records on the internet certainly do) some of whats offered in a package may not be useful to you, so why pay for it? It is also worth stating that a background check can be very involved. The more someone moves around, the more spread out the search. The more places your private investigator has to look in, the more the background check will cost. Food for thought.

Become a Private Investigator

We always get calls and e-mail from people who want to become a private investigator or want to work with us. Well, working with us is not so easy. We only hire private investigators who are licensed in their state and have the experience we require to ensure that they can deliver what our clients expect. We also have most of our little world covered and do not change players very often.

As far as becoming a private investigator, each state has it’s own requirements while a few have none. A quick Google search will get you the agency responsible for licensing in your state and you can take it from there. (If you can’t find out who licenses PIs in your state, you may want to rethink this as a vocation) Education is often a requirement or a law enforcement background, but more often experience is needed. That is experience working for an agency under the supervision of a private investigator. This is the hard part. How do you find someone that will hire you and train you? In our experience, the large investigative agencies are best for this stuff. They have defined procedures that they can teach you and access to worthwhile cases. The down side is many people want this experience making the jobs difficult to come by and the wages low. If you can find a small outfit that needs help, you might learn more but please understand, no private investigator is excited to teach you what they know only to have you leave and open up down the street to compete against them. If you are still interested, try a Yahoo local search for private investigators near you, check them out to make sure they are not operating out of mom’s basement and send them an actual well written letter on nice paper (no not an e-mail or a shitty fax copy of your resume). They get 100 resumes over the fax and they read none of them. No need to say why e-mail is ignored these days. A blind phone call will also get you very little. Send the letter, maybe two and tell them you will be calling. You will stand our from the crowd. Good Luck.

The Right Computer Monitoring Software

We recommend SpectorSoft for computer monitoring software as discreetly as possible. We like the ease of use and trouble free installation. As always, we recommend that anyone considering using these types of products speak with their lawyer, not just a private investigator, to ensure that they are not breaking any local laws. If you have no idea what spector is and want to learn more about it, please click here! and look at the middle of the page.

Special Thanks

We want to thank a good friend and fellow PI at JAG Investigations in Arizona who had a chance to help us out with a case. She is a great resource for other PIs and good person.

Nighttime Video

Nighttime Video

Nighttime video quality may not be as clear as you’d like, but our goal is to get you the proof you need.

We had a client in Chicago who was concerned that nighttime video of her spouse and his girlfriend walking out of the girlfriends apartment at 2:10 am was not as clear and crisp as she expected. Despite the video clearly identifying him and the other kissing good bye, she expected it to look like it does in the movies. We are private investigators, not movie directors. The movies is just that, the movies. We are happy that she has the proof she needs to make the right choices in life but it is frustrating trying to compete with Hollywood.