Super Instant Search Crap

Bad news for those of you who want to use a “super instant search” company to try to be an internet detective. Instant on-line searches and “net spy” CDs are simply not worth the money or time. Everyone wants to save money and get things done quickly. The same would be true of people investigating infidelity. The reality is if these services or programs were of any value, like buggy whip manufacturers, the private investigator would disappear. These companies feed off of our desire to get cheap, instant info and they package there product as being able to deliver just that. The reality is that they actually give you old public record information or links to free sources of old public record information. A private investigator can get access to a great deal more information AND they supply professional judgement (in short they think about the results, not just spit them out). If you ended up using one of these services, don’t be sad. You didn’t know. But if you are reading this blog, chances are, you found out that the super instant search detective program didn’t get the information you needed.

Affairs at Work

Work Affairs

Work…yes, this is a very common place for infidelity to germinate. So much so that we established an entire page of our website to discuss work affairs. The true problem for our clients facing this issue is; is the inappropriate behavior actually occurring inside the work place or not? When people are actually engaging in intercourse inside the office or business, it makes our job significantly more difficult, if not impossible. We recommend that you have the answer to this questions before you hire a private investigator.

Public view

We had a Chicago area client who expressed his displeasure with us when our private investigators followed his spouse to a private home where a very large outdoor party was taking place. There were literally 300 – 350 people outside and it would have been possible for us to go into the back yard and walk around filming the target. The problem we have is that this is a private residence and do not have permission to enter the property. Not only is this illegal, the film that we would have shot would be worthless in his divorce. We can only operate in public places or in private places where we have permission. Remember, we are private investigators, not paparazzi.

Computer Monitoring

For those of you who have a situation where computer monitoring may be a solution, we recommend that you not only review our web page about this topic, but we also recommend that you research the legality of this type of activity in your state. The laws regarding what is permitted and what is prohibited vary widely from state to state. Further, we are private investigators, not lawyers, and cannot give anything remotely like legal advice.Computer Monitoring

Videotaping Inside Residences Through Windows

Videotaping inside residencesAlthough videotaping inside residences through windows is not a specifically prohibited act for private investigators in some states, we as a company have a policy against doing so. We feel that even if it is legal, it goes beyond what is necessary and is both invasive and in poor taste to do so. We bring this up because a client debated why we did not attempt to zoom in on our subject sitting inside a house. Private investigators, like any professionals, have ethical considerations like this. Although you may find a private investigator willing to do this, where allowed by law, we recommend that you avoid this type of behavior and stick with a PI who cares about the ethical considerations as we do.

Hidden Cameras

Every private investigator conducting infidelity surveillance should have a hidden video camera with them and available to use at a moments notice. If your spouse goes inside a bar to meet someone, the private investigator should go inside and get footage of what’s going on in there, too. They should not be sitting inside the car waiting for them to leave! With the cost of hidden cameras being at an all time low, we cannot see why this equipment is not being used and we recommend that you stay away from any private investigator who does not have this type of equipment. One thing that is important to note is the fact that these miniature cameras do have limitations. They usually do not have much zoom capability and they do not work well in low light conditions (i.e. a bar that has very minimal lighting or a dance club that is mostly dark). Our Dallas private investigators had a real hard time this month getting good footage of a woman inside a large dance club because of lighting problems. We actually had to give the DJ a couple of bucks to put a spot light on our girl for 10 minutes while she was dirty dancing with her co-worker.

Specialized Private Investigators

Like any profession, there are specialized Private Investigators. In the old days, you had a “lawyer”. Now we have “family law” lawyers, “collection attorneys”, “tax lawyers”, etc. etc. Private investigators are the same. We specialize in Spousal Surveillance and Infidelity investigations and shy away from areas like missing persons cases, product liability, accident reconstruction, etc. We do not hold a special license to conduct spousal surveillance, we simply focus all of our energy on this area (and got to quite good at it).Specialized Private Investigators

New York City has Concerns

New York City has Concerns and Special Considerations in InvestigationsFor any prospective clients with a case in New York, please understand that New York City has concerns, like several other large cities, offers some special considerations surrounding spousal surveillance. Because people in New York get around using many different modes of transportation, traveling through intense traffic flows, we often recommend more than one investigator to get the job done correctly. This is not an attempt to simply charge more. Two investigators can stay with someone longer and more discreetly than one in any environment. In New York at rush hour, it is almost always necessary to keep a tail in place in that environment. Not using two or more investigators greatly increases the odds of losing someone or being detected.


PI Problem Caused by Client

PI problem that can be caused by a client.

Problems for PIs Can Occur When Clients do This One Thing

Clients can Cause Problems for PIs

Every year, including once this past week with a woman in Burbank, California, we have several clients who, with good intentions, hire us to catch a cheating spouse or partner but they feel compelled to tell everyone they know about what they want to do. As with all interesting stories, word gets back to the spouse and the case is blow before it started. We go out and find that the spouse is all heated up and looking for a tail. The moral of this frustrating story is simply this: Don’t hire a private investigator to do a discreet surveillance if you intend on telling everyone about it. This type of story is interesting to others. It’s high drama, and people like to talk about interesting, unusual things, like someone they know hiring a private investigator. So despite the promise to keep it a secret, they talk and word travels fast.

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