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Specialized Private Investigators

Like any profession, there are specialized Private Investigators. In the old days, you had a “lawyer”. Now we have “family law” lawyers, “collection attorneys”, “tax lawyers”, etc. etc. Private investigators are the same. We specialize in Spousal Surveillance and Infidelity investigations and shy away from areas like missing persons cases, product liability, accident reconstruction, etc. We do not hold a special license to conduct spousal surveillance, we simply focus all of our energy on this area (and got to quite good at it).Specialized Private Investigators

New York City has Concerns

New York City has Concerns and Special Considerations in InvestigationsFor any prospective clients with a case in New York, please understand that New York City has concerns, like several other large cities, offers some special considerations surrounding spousal surveillance. Because people in New York get around using many different modes of transportation, traveling through intense traffic flows, we often recommend more than one investigator to get the job done correctly. This is not an attempt to simply charge more. Two investigators can stay with someone longer and more discreetly than one in any environment. In New York at rush hour, it is almost always necessary to keep a tail in place in that environment. Not using two or more investigators greatly increases the odds of losing someone or being detected.


PI Problem Caused by Client

PI problem that can be caused by a client.

Problems for PIs Can Occur When Clients do This One Thing

Clients can Cause Problems for PIs

Every year, including once this past week with a woman in Burbank, California, we have several clients who, with good intentions, hire us to catch a cheating spouse or partner but they feel compelled to tell everyone they know about what they want to do. As with all interesting stories, word gets back to the spouse and the case is blow before it started. We go out and find that the spouse is all heated up and looking for a tail. The moral of this frustrating story is simply this: Don’t hire a private investigator to do a discreet surveillance if you intend on telling everyone about it. This type of story is interesting to others. It’s high drama, and people like to talk about interesting, unusual things, like someone they know hiring a private investigator. So despite the promise to keep it a secret, they talk and word travels fast.

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