PI Problem Caused by Client

PI problem that can be caused by a client.

Problems for PIs Can Occur When Clients do This One Thing

Clients can Cause Problems for PIs

Every year, including once this past week with a woman in Burbank, California, we have several clients who, with good intentions, hire us to catch a cheating spouse or partner but they feel compelled to tell everyone they know about what they want to do. As with all interesting stories, word gets back to the spouse and the case is blow before it started. We go out and find that the spouse is all heated up and looking for a tail. The moral of this frustrating story is simply this: Don’t hire a private investigator to do a discreet surveillance if you intend on telling everyone about it. This type of story is interesting to others. It’s high drama, and people like to talk about interesting, unusual things, like someone they know hiring a private investigator. So despite the promise to keep it a secret, they talk and word travels fast.

For more insight on how we conduct spousal surveillance, please visit http://www.cheatingspousepi.com/hiring_a_pi/