Three Most Common Cover Stories Used By A Cheating Husband

We have assembled the three most commonly encountered cover stories we hear given to our clients by their unfaithful husbands. Although there are times when a husband will actually be doing what he says, this list gives the most common excuses used to hide cheating and infidelity by men, to their wives. One additional point is that in most of these stories, the cheating husband will add the ‘No Cell Service’ element to the mix either before or after they are gone.

  • Working Late:

    Cheating husbands use this excuse more than any other. This one is most often used by white collar cheating husbands but is by no means exclusive to them. Frequently this excuse is encountered when the woman they are cheating on you with is somehow connected to his work, i.e. a female coworker, vendor, client, industry associate, etc. Working late is particularly easy for salaried husbands because they can work late and there is no direct pay in their check to attribute to their extra effort. The cheating husband will use this one the most when they work in a place where the spouse cannot check on them. Executives, sales men, doctors and lawyers are all in excellent positions to use this excuse to cheat on their wives.

  • Boys Trip:

    The boys trip out of town can be a great excuse for a husband. He can get away, hang out with buddies and relax without pressure. If he is cheating on you, this is always an excellent and popular excuse to be away from the home, usually far away and in a place where the wife cannot check on him. This excuse is great because in some instances, they go on part of the trip and then will sneak off to have their affair or the guys who are actually on the trip can cover for them. Even if the other husbands are not involved, a guys trip is hard to question. Many times, the cheating husband will throw a work obligation into the mix in order to justify the trip. If you think your husband is cheating, a guys trip is likely to be a cover story for his infidelity. Many guys trips are designed around the possibility of finding women to have sex with. Consider Las Vegas and that type of environment for a minute. Is it really about cards and golf?

  • Random Sports or Hobby Days:

    Yes, your spouse likes to play golf, bowl, fish or collect model helicopters, but these hobbies provide a great cover for the cheating husband. He will come up with a story about going to play golf two hours away, with someone you don’t really know and will be gone most of the day. What better way to throw off the wife and while spending five or six hours in a motel with the girlfriend. If you notice more of these trips when you have other suspicions about your unfaithful husband, you know when to watch him. He is not fishing every Thursday night by himself. He has already got his catch waiting for him somewhere else. Free Tip: When you encounter this excuse, check the milage on his car before he leaves and when he returns, then compare it to a map program’s calculation of the mileage to see if that matches his story.

We hope that you are not encountering any of these three most common cover stories used by a cheating husband , but if you are, we suggest that you contact one of our investigators at 888-677-9700 for a free consultation. We can help and you can get control of your life back.