6 Best Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

All marriages go through tough periods or stages, but infidelity is something completely different. Some studies find that 15% of women and 25% of men commit adultery while married. However, those numbers are from surveyed participants who actually admit to the betrayal. The actual numbers can be far larger. Infidelity is a game changer and deal breaker for most people, especially considering the health and security risks involved. Fortunately, there are some simple and effective ways to catch a cheating spouse.

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Check Their Phone

Cheaters tend to be overly cautious about the evidence on their phones. But that doesn’t mean traces won’t still remain. You need to be equally cautious here since hacking into a phone, even your spouse’s, is illegal unless your name is also on the bill or included under the phone number. However, if your spouse leaves their phone unlocked or you have the passcode, you can easily check contacts, text messages, emails, recent calls, pictures, and even messaging apps to see if specific names or details appear.

Once you find any solid or potential evidence, be sure to either screenshot it and send it to your email, or take a picture with your own phone and save it to email. Delete any screenshots from your spouse’s phone before returning it to its previous place. Evidence you personally gather likely won’t hold up in court if you’re not sharing your spouse’s phone. But at least you’d know.

Hit the Apps

Downloading tracking apps on your partner’s phone can be one of the best ways to catch a cheating spouse. You’ll obviously need to have access to their phone, and it helps if they don’t routinely scan or search their phone for new or hidden apps. But many free and low-cost apps can be run in invisible mode while tracking online sessions, social media and website visits, messages, emails, and more.

Dive Into Social Media

There are nearly 5 billion social media users on the planet. So your spouse likely has at least a couple of accounts they consistently use. Be sure to follow your spouse on these platforms to see for yourself if anything fishy pops up. While your partner may be conservative in their posts and comments, others may be more revealing.

Do Some Digging

Look offline for clues as well. Check their dresser or drawers for receipts or potentially another phone. If you find another device, see if it’s unlocked or contains hidden clues. Look in their closet and check the pockets of jackets, pants, extra purses, and travel bags. And be sure to check their bedside table as well. You may find some solid physical evidence that you’d never find through their tech devices.

Pop In Unannounced

Most spouses know all about the other person’s daily routine. So it’s easy for cheating to occur when that spouse knows you’re too busy or otherwise preoccupied during their fling time. So mix it up. If you have a feeling your partner is cheating, change your routine a bit without letting them know beforehand. Pop in for a surprise lunch at their work, show up early at home, or meet them at the gym sometimes. Just be sure to have a good answer for the sudden surprise before doing it.

Get a Background Check by a Private Investigator

Running a background check on the person you’ve already married and shared your life with may seem silly. But if they’re cheating, the right details can paint a vivid picture of their lies and desperation. A background check by a private investigator can show hidden social media accounts, blogs and paid cheating sites they belong to, hidden bank accounts or assets, and even contact details of side partners or secret kids. Give us a call when you’re ready to know the truth once and for all.

5 Physical Signs Your Wife is Cheating

Signs Your Wife is Cheating

According to a major nine-year study on extramarital affairs, approximately 25% of Americans admit to cheating on their spouse at one point. While men, in general, are more likely to do so (or at least admit to it), women are nipping at their heels. There can be many reasons for you to suspect your partner is unfaithful. But when it comes to actual clues, there are several physical signs that may indicate or even confirm your wife is cheating.

She’s Distant or Picks Fights

All couples go through lulls. But one major red flag to pay attention to is how your wife reacts to you in basic conversation outside of major life stress or hormonal peaks. If she’s consistently disinterested in anything you say or worse, gets irritated by the sound of your voice, that can be a sign she’s connecting outside of the marriage. That distance and irritation can also often lead to the adulterer picking fights out of annoyance.

Habits Have Shifted

Whether your wife is physically or emotionally cheating, splitting your life in two takes a toll on anybody. Coping mechanisms often change and not for the best. Obvious signs of guilt and attempting to cope can be shopping or spending changes, smoking or drinking habits increase, or there’s a new sign of binge eating. Fitness-focused spousal signs can be harder to notice, but they’re still there in most cases. Does she go to the gym more often or do the shopping sprees include sexy clothes and new lingerie splurges? If she’s not wearing them for you, she’s likely planning to wear them for someone else.

Her Phone is Constantly Protected

Most people have locks and privacy settings on their phones to keep their business and personal conversations private. Unless you’ve had access to your partner’s phone in the past, that’s probably the situation on both ends of the relationship. That doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is doing anything nefarious. They may just value their privacy and security. However, if you have had access to your wife’s phone activities before and that’s recently changed, it can be a clear physical sign your wife is cheating. Pay attention to her body language when she’s texting or using messaging apps, and make a note of the times her phone is most active and guarded.

Intimacy Has Shut Down

Relationships ebb and flow and intimacy and sex can be sporadic at times. However, pay attention to how the intimacy actually feels when it’s offered or presented. Are the hugs warm and cuddles comforting? Or do simple touches feel cold, and intimacy feel like you’re hugging your sister or great-aunt Sally? Your partner is supposed to be your safe place. If sex is non-existent (or nearly) and intimacy is cold, your wife may be getting that elsewhere.

Her Body Language Has Changed

If your partner isn’t polyamorous or a narcissist, she probably has a good amount of pent-up guilt for having an affair. Your wife may be a world-class liar when it comes to communicating verbally but watch her actions. Does she make and maintain eye contact? Are her arms crossed when talking about her activities? Is she generally fidgety and stiff? Those are all signs there’s a lot more behind her claims. If you’re still unsure, give us a call to connect with an infidelity investigation professional and get the answers you need and deserve.

Catch a Cheating Spouse: There’s an App for That

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Most people feel that cheating is wrong, and yet up to 40% of married couples face some type of infidelity during the relationship. Outstanding personal and marital issues are almost always a precursor of infidelity, and intuition can be a strong sign that something is seriously amiss. However, intuition is tricky and can’t be relied upon when it’s overthought. That’s because it’s probably not intuition at that point. Anxiety provides the same triggering feelings and overwhelming physical reactions once those thoughts become consistent or obsessive. Modern tech makes it easier to hide an affair, but certain apps can also help you catch a cheating spouse on your own… or at least discover the truth. But where do you start?


Hoverwatch supports Android and Mac systems. It has a free trial and covers most of the activities the typical smartphone user would potentially try to hide from their spouse. Hoverwatch is invisible as it tracks SMS, call, text, and audio history. It also discloses social media activity, web browser history, contacts, and calendar information. Hoverwatch also offers a GPS option so you can see exactly where they go. Subscriptions for full pack usage on one device ranges between $11.99 and $49.99 per month. 


iKeyMonitor is completely free for the basic plan. Add-on-demand features start at $9.99 per month. iKeyMonitor provides chat, text, and call monitoring. The app offers geofencing, email alerts, and time limits for those who also want to use this app as parental controls. And it downloads and sets up easily for Android and iOS devices.


mSpy is one of the best tracking and key logging apps available for both Android and iOS. It offers a free trial option to dabble in some of its most basic features, and subscription options of $29.99 or $69.99 to get the most out of the app. mSpy is fully functional and legal as a parental control app or cheating app. It works in background mode, so it’s undetectable for average smartphone users. And it provides updates on the targeted phone every five minutes or based on a chosen schedule by the person tracking. However, it doesn’t work on phones older than 2011.


pcTattletale is marketed as a workplace productive app that checks on employees. It also works well as a child monitor, and of course, a cheating app. pcTattletale runs in the background, so it’s completely undetectable. It monitors all social media, emails, web browsing, text messages, video games, and other popular phone or device-related activities. There’s a free trial option. And there’s a one-time annual fee that covers a full year for up to three devices.


uMobix runs in stealth mode and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Like all the other apps listed, it has a free trial option, but it does cost beyond that, and the prices range between $29.99 and $59.99 per month. uMobix monitors texts, calls, even deleted ones, messaging apps, social media accounts, mobile browsing, photo and video tracking, app and browser blocking, and more. Regardless of which app you choose, you’ll need access to the Android device or login credentials for the Apple cloud user you want to track in order to download the app and gain control. If that’s too risky or too much effort on your part, just give ASG Investigations a call to connect with the right private investigation services for your needs, and we’ll get the answers for you.

Do Women Cheat More Than Men?

do women cheat private investigator

Relationships can be wonderful, but all romantic relationships hit rocky stages. Dissatisfaction, neglect, jealousy, goal or personality differences, parenting disputes, and financial issues can all play a part in cracking even the most solid foundation. Once upon a time, the term infidelity had far more serious implications leading to people whispering and consistently pointing fingers at the male partner. Of course, sensible people know and accept the fact that the man isn’t always the culprit. But do women cheat more than men?

What Actually Constitutes “Cheating”?

Infidelity is generally defined by intimate acts sought or received elsewhere that pose a threat to a committed relationship. In most cases, true cheating is believed to involve physical activity. However, that’s not the case for many couples. And sometimes, physical cheating isn’t even the most harmful type of infidelity. The actual definition of cheating depends on the couple itself. If you feel flirting and a wandering eye is cheating, then it is.

If you think your partner secretly texting a coworker in secret or after work hours or maintaining friendships with exes and secretly messaging them on social media is cheating, then that’s infidelity as well… as long as you and your partner are aware of your beliefs and limits. The main types of clinical infidelity are physical and emotional infidelity. Both types can result in deep emotional and psychological connections with the outside partner. Also, in both cases, the “cheating” can result in serious relationship neglect and a complete relationship breakdown.

What Are the Main Reasons Women Cheat?  

Men and women may seem like apples and oranges on a variety of topics. But they’re both still human with the same human drives and needs. Women, however, are typically more mentally and emotionally charged and expressive in their sexual and relationship drives than men. The main reasons women cheat include:

  • Late response or re-enactment of childhood abuse or trauma
  • Intense or consistent loneliness/low self-esteem
  • They’re overwhelmed by their current relationship or home life
  • Their relationship needs aren’t being met
  • Neglect, lack of appreciation, and/or poor sex life
  • They lack and crave intimacy

Do Women Really Cheat More Than Men?

Several legitimate and competently sourced studies can be found pointing fingers at either gender as leading infidelity statistics. But the truth is, it’s really subjective and quite balanced. Of course, that all depends on location, personal situation, age, and whether those polled are being honest. According to Institute for Family Studies, the percentage of male cheaters over a 16-year study is slightly higher in all age groups, except in women between 18 and 29. Young female millennials cheated 1% more than males in that same age group. Surprisingly, the largest gap was between men and women over the age of 80 with women of that age group cheating less than anyone else in the U.S.

What Can You Do If You Think Your Partner Is Cheating?

Cheating is a dangerous and harmful act regardless of who steps outside of the relationship. If you believe your partner is cheating, don’t wait too long to verify your concerns. You can do some things on your own like search bank records and public social media accounts. But diving too deeply could result in wasted time and extra headaches. Instead, give us a call to hire a private investigator and get the answers you need and deserve.

5 Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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Everyone occasionally has sweaty palms, a sinking stomach, a flash of clarity, or recurring feelings about a person or situation in life. Those signs can be a gut feeling or intuition. When intuition strikes, it shouldn’t immediately be ignored. After all, true intuition can be right up to 90% of the time, at least at the moment. However, anxiety and paranoia can also provide the same signs and feelings, especially when you’re dealing with a potentially cheating spouse. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to catch the cheater for good, so you can stop feeling like you’re going crazy or being gaslighted.

Surprise Visit

Most spouses know each other’s schedules and have specific times during the day when they reconnect and spend their family time. But if your spouse is cheating, it’s especially important to him or her that you stick to that schedule. And that’s precisely why you should mix it up! Head over to their workplace for a surprise lunch date. Pack a picnic basket or have reservations set for a special restaurant to cover your tracks. After all, it could actually result in a nice romantic date. But it could also reveal a coworker crush or hidden infidelity.

Engage in Smart Snooping

Almost all Americans today, approximately 97%, own some type of cellphone. And 85% of those are smartphones. Technology makes it much easier to catch a cheating spouse. If you’re going to check on them via technology, keep it simple. Check their phone for hidden or new contacts. Scan their text messages and messaging accounts for intimate or indecent content. And check their social media accounts for new contacts or favorites.

Keep a Journal

Gaslighters get their kicks by using psychological manipulation to confuse their partners and make them doubt their sanity. Many cheaters are experienced or pathological liars. It’s easy to get confused about details when you don’t have them written down in front of you. So document the important things. Keep dates, times, bank records, credit card transactions, and even car mileage in a journal for easy access. A cheating spouse may be able to make you question your emotions, but they can’t ignore documented facts.

Follow Your Gut… Literally

As a last-ditch approach after you have plenty of evidence, you can potentially follow your spouse on your own or enlist a friend for some easy surveillance. However, at no time should you ever attempt this if it might put you or a loved one in danger. If following is a safe option, use a different vehicle or even two if available. Disguise your appearance somewhat, even if you just don a wig, hat, or hairpiece. And never do anything illegal such as trespassing or breaking and entering to get “proof”.

Hire a Private Investigator

The best-laid plans can easily blow up in your face, and even hard-earned evidence can be tossed out of court on legal technicalities. Sometimes, it’s just best to leave it to the pros. The right private investigator for cheating spouses can get the evidence and surveillance you need without sacrificing your time, sanity, or security. Give us a call when you’re ready to get the facts and find out once and for all if you’re dealing with a cheating spouse.

5 Reasons Why Your Husband’s Affair Won’t Last

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Everyone’s On Their Best Behavior

How many happy romantic relationships do you currently know of that began from infidelity? If you’re like most people, that list isn’t very long. According to some statistics, up to 7% of relationships that begin as affairs result in a future marriage for the couple, and a whopping 75% of those that do make it to the aisle also end up in divorce court. Of course, there are always exceptions and your mom’s best friend’s hairdresser may be happily married to the love of her life who left his wife for her 20 years ago. But again, those aren’t commonplace. Here are five reasons why your husband’s affair probably won’t last.

When you first meet someone you’re attracted to and interested in, common sense can fly right out the window. All of a sudden, you want to be a beacon of light for that person. And in return, they see you as a slice of perfection. You can stop laughing now, especially if you’ve been married for a while. We all know that eventually ends. But when a partner is cheating, they’re not bringing their problems right into the new relationship; they’re actually sweeping them under the rug. Eventually, they’re going to build up and make quite a mess.

The Cheating Partners Don’t Really Know Each Other

Shared misery, frustrations in committed partners, and excitement for change can act as a trifecta to bond a cheating couple. But that change can act as the strongest glue. Your husband may be focused on the differences at first and feel excited about what the future may hold. But he hasn’t changed. Moreover, he may not truly be attracted to all the differences, they’re simply amplified at the moment. That can get old really fast once the pair realize they’ve taken on more than they can handle.

Lies and Deceit Surround the Relationship

According to a national study spanning three decades, 20% of married couples have admitted to cheating. And based on gender statistics, men lead the ranks for almost all age groups, topping off at the randiest bunch being senior citizens. While grandpa may be getting his groove back, cheating and lies go hand-in-hand, at least at first. Even if he comes clean to his mistress relatively quickly, the continued lies he builds at home and around their time together are bound to take a toll on their relationship.

The Honeymoon Eventually Ends

When you first feel an attraction and start to fall in love, those feelings of butterflies and warm fuzzies aren’t necessarily your soul instantly finding its mate. Those feelings are actually due to the production and release of oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone”. The naturally occurring brain chemical is highly responsible for human connection and relationship-building.  Researchers have discovered that the first stages of a relationship involve higher levels of oxytocin. But those levels fade after about 18 months. If the affair was based initially on physical or sexual attraction, the relationship is likely to dry up after the oxytocin does.

Coping Styles and Destructive Behaviors Remain

All affairs contain some type or level of escapism. The cheater may have attempted to make things work in the relationship without success, or he may have ducked and run straight into another’s arms. Either way, they likely haven’t truly worked on their own destructive behaviors and coping mechanisms to stressful relationship situations. Chances are when the going gets tough with the new flame, they’ll just duck and run again… and maybe right back to you. Give us a call to connect with a cheating spouse private investigator and reclaim control of your life.

4 Signs Your Spouse is Having an Affair

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No one enters a monogamous, devoted marriage with the idea of being betrayed and having their lives torn apart by the person they love and trust most in the world. But according to the American Psychological Association, infidelity is the primary cause of up to 40% of divorces. There are almost always other existing problems that precede an affair, but once that line is crossed most marriages have a hard time recovering. And for many couples, having an affair on either side is the final nail in the coffin. The hardest sting occurs when the loyal spouse is completely blindsided by the betrayal. Fortunately, there are some obvious signs that can help you catch a cheating partner.

Enhanced, Guarded, or Secretive Tech Habits

Most Americans have access to multiple types of tech devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops nowadays. They’re required for education, work, socialization, and relaxation. But they’re especially important due to the current health situation. Of course, the extra tech usage makes it a lot easier to cheat on a spouse and also catch a cheating partner. According to a study by YouGov Omnibus, 7% of all adults on dating apps joined to cheat on their partner, and 17% of all adults on dating sites in 2019 were there to cheat. That number rose through the pandemic. So pay close attention to your honey’s tech habits.

Unusual or Unexplained Expenses

Most couples share household expenses or at least have some idea of their regular accumulative weekly or monthly expenditures. So covering the financial tracks of an affair can be challenging. And don’t kid yourself, the cost of cheating can add up fast. According to one study, the average six-month affair can cost over $2,660 due to dates, dinners, gifts, hotel rooms, and other incidentals. If you notice unusual or unexplained expenses, it could be a sign your partner is having an affair.

Emotional and/or Sexual Intimacy Changes in the Relationship

The most intense part of any romantic relationship, known as the “honeymoon stage”, can last anywhere between a few months and a few years. After that, however, most committed relationships tend to stabilize and form stronger emotional bonds that create a more secure and balanced partnership. If your partner has suddenly pulled away and emotional intimacy has suffered or even stopped altogether, that can be a sign that they’re getting their needs met elsewhere. Significant or sudden sexual changes are good indicators as well. Most people assume lack of sex is an obvious sign of infidelity. But guilt can also result in the disloyal spouse also wanting more sex at home to cover their tracks.

Sudden Moods, Avoidance, or Deflection When Confronted about Relationship Problems

It always takes two to make or break a relationship, but infidelity is a solo decision and often one that leads to a one-way ticket straight out of the marriage. Chances are your partner’s smart enough to know that last bit, so they’ll go out of their way to hide the affair. That stress builds up though, and they’ll be more likely to deflect, attack, or avoid accusations or discussions of relationship problems. Give us a call when you’ve had enough and are ready once and for all to catch a cheating partner.

Infidelity and Why Spouses Cheat

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Discovering your spouse has been unfaithful can be one of the most painful, and in some cases unbearable, moments in life. If you’re facing that, know you’re far from alone. According to national statistics, approximately 20% of men and 13% of women cheat on their spouses, and that number increases with age. But those statistics are based on admittance, and the numbers can actually be closer to the 70% mark. Regardless, the fact that you’ve been living and sharing intimacy with a cheating spouse is never a pleasant discovery for a loyal partner. But knowing the pain and devastation that type of betrayal can cause, why do spouses cheat?

Low Self-Esteem

Healthy adults don’t need constant validation to feel their own worth, but everyone feels depressed or at least inadequate from time-to-time. Those who don’t receive the validation they need from their spouses during those times often look for it elsewhere, and it can lead to infidelity when the attraction and appreciation are mutual. While that ego boost may feel good at the moment, it’s usually short-lived. That can create a cycle of searching for that boost, cheating, and crashing before coming clean or being caught by your actual partner.

Emotional Neglect

Women are more likely than men to claim emotional neglect as a reason for infidelity, but it can be a serious issue for either gender. Your spouse is expected to provide the emotional validation you need. But when that is gone in a marriage, one or both partners can search for it elsewhere. Emotional connection outside the marriage can evolve into an emotional affair. And that can lead to sexual infidelity.

Boredom or Revenge

Boredom often occurs in even strong marriages, but when it’s chronic or consistent, it can be partnered with the need or desire to seek revenge on the other spouse for their perceived disinterest. That revenge then snowballs into a sexual affair. When the infidelity is just due to boredom, it can also be due to sensation-seeking, a psychological need to feel new or intense feelings to combat the loneliness and regain some personal worth–regardless of the consequences.

Infidelity Is a Family Affair

Children have several influences in their lives, but their parents always lead the pack. When it comes to infidelity, however, children have strong views of the subject through all phases of life. And yet, according to studies, adults who had at least one cheating parent are at least twice as likely to cheat on their spouse or committed partner at some point. While this obviously doesn’t always occur, it is important to know your partner’s family history to realize that your relationship risk factors could be affected.

Sexual Dissatisfaction

Sexual dissatisfaction is probably the most common reason for infidelity, regardless of gender, age, or length of marital time. That can include lack of sexual attention in the marriage, differences in sexual needs, desire for extra or multiple partners, falling out of love with your current partner, lack of physical attraction/validation, and overlapping emotional disconnection. If you’re concerned about a cheating spouse or have serious suspicions that you can’t prove, give us a call. The right Detroit private investigator will find the answers you need to move forward with your life.

3 Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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Maintaining a positive and productive marriage can be challenging. But when signs suggest you’re living with a cheating spouse, the institution can become unbearable. A recent study has discovered that U.S. divorce rates have fallen to record lows of less than 15 divorces in every 1,000 marriages. That’s great for the nation overall, but adultery is still one of the top reasons for divorce. Fortunately, there are some pretty solid ways to catch a cheating spouse.

Go Into Sleuth Mode at Home

A cheating spouse will likely be very careful to avoid being caught, but they’re still human. Most cheaters will get careless enough at some point to leave traces of evidence behind. And that can be enough to give you the answers you need if you know what and where to look for it. Start in the closet, but don’t focus on the obvious. Go through the back and check pants, suit jackets, and bag pockets. Even look through shoes for odd items like extra condoms, receipts, business cards, phone numbers, and other unusual items that can confirm your suspicions.

Then carry on to the garage. As long as you’re legally married and on the car lease, you’ll be able to legally access any existing GPS in the vehicle. Check the patterns, especially stops made right before coming home, to see if your spouse was in fact at the drugstore or if they stopped at that cute coworker’s apartment instead. You can even plant a small bugging device under the driver’s seat to hear phone calls or other private conversations. But be forewarned, that is just for your personal knowledge and it can’t be legally used in court.

Dive Into the Devices

Smartphones have become a basic requirement in American culture, and the US ranks third globally with over 300 million cell phones currently in use. With the current employment challenges, more and more adults are also spending their days and nights wrapped up in their tablets and laptops. But it’s not just work that draws people into their devices. COVID has led to an uptick in online connections, liaisons, and affairs. And according to YouGov, 17% of adults who currently use dating apps admit to using them to cheat on their current partners.

The good news is that your spouse can’t be on their devices 24/7. The bad news is that if they’re locked or history is scoured on a regular basis, chances are they’re intentionally attempting to cover their tracks. If you’re concerned, check the devices. Be aware that you won’t be able to use the information in court if you find it without their permission. But you will have the answers you need and deserve.

Call In the Pros

Infidelity is responsible for up to 40% of divorces. And while 70% or more couples do survive the offense, most of those marriages end up empty and unhappy. You have every right to know the truth, but finding it out on your own can be emotionally exhausting, lead to extreme mental anguish, and in some cases even be dangerous. Why not avoid the trouble altogether and call in the pros? Professional Michigan spousal surveillance can get the answers you need so you can focus on a healthier and happier future.