Keeping a Journal About Suspected Affair

If you are one of many that have a hunch of a suspected affair, one of the best ways to help you determine if your partner is engaged in an affair is to keep a DAILY journal of their activities. If he or she left an hour early for work, did errands they typically never do (like stopped at the grocery store), bought new clothes, put on sexy underwear. Things like car mileage being 30 miles more than just work and back, a 40-minute trip to the store at 9:40 at night… just to get milk, stayed up on the computer after you went to sleep, and the list goes on. Do this for a week or two and try to be as impartial and unemotional as possible. By keeping a journal about suspected affair activity, you will get some real information to reflect on. Once you see this, it can really help you piece together if something is going on or not.