No you should not contact the “other person”

We had another determined client who insisted on confronting the “other person” after our spousal surveillance revealed an affair on the part of her spouse. We were able to positively identify who the other woman is and reported this back to our client. Unfortunately, our client insisted on learning everything possible about this other woman despite our urging that she NOT do this and our unwillingness to give her the woman’s personal information. Instead, she did her own detective work and then began calling this woman at home and at work asking her over and over again “why” she did this. Although on some level we can appreciate that it would likely feel good, this is NOT acceptable behavior and if you really think about it, nothing good is going to come of it. In this case, nothing good came to our former client. Instead, she got served with a personal protection order and civil law suit for harassment. Word to the wise, take control of your life and know the truth, but avoid the conflict.