E Pass Records Catch Cheaters Red Handed

The device used to make traveling through toll booths faster and easier has a new use.

Many people are using their E-Pass or Sun-Pass records as proof a significant other has strayed, WESH 2 News reported.

The beeping sound as you pass through says you are automatically paying your toll, but you may pay more than that if the toll records can prove infidelity.

You tell your spouse you are one place, but E-Pass data says you are someplace else. In a bitter divorce battle, this can be the road to ruin.

“Those records are not private, they can be subpoenaed,” divorce attorney Elaine Silver said. “Anybody can’t get them, but the spouse who is looking for them can issue a subpoena to the E-Pass authority and bingo, there goes the lie.”

“I don’t think that’s right. You should have a right to privacy,” E-Pass user Jeanette Gabay said.

People said they are stunned to learn that a device they purchase for convenience in their hectic lives could just as easily be their un-doing in court if it proves they were unfaithful.

“I think it’s not good because you know, that’s, uh, personal. She doesn’t have to know nothing about where I’m going or nothing,” Miguel Corujo said.

Orlando, Florida

“Unless you commit some type of heinous crime, then yes, then I think that those records should be turned over to the police, but if it’s something private like divorce or something like that, that’s ridiculous,” Gabay said.

“Our credit card records are public, our checking accounts are public and when you’re going through a divorce you’re life is under a microscope,” Silver said. “There truly is no privacy, it’s very hard to hide.”

Many people said they are surprised that a toll collection system can also register cheating hearts.