Infidelity Horoscope

Having an extra marital affair?
8 Jul 2007

Astrologer Harsh Khiraiya believes that your horoscope can reveal your tendencies towards extra marital affairs.

The disposable era has arrived. Today everything is quick, fun and disposable – right from eye lenses to relationships. Being monogamous is passe. Having an affair after marriage is trendy! Does the horoscope show or indicate extra marital affairs or flirtatious propensities? Well, it certainly does and it also reveals the reasons for the affair.

Anatomy of an extra martial affair:

An extra marital affair generally takes place due to the following reasons:

Unsatisfied sexual needs incompatibility of personalities.

Lack of intimacy.


Peer pressure (all my friends are having affairs so why shouldn’t I?).

Results show that:

Women tend to be guilty about such relationships while men don’t care.

80 per cent of women flirt because their husbands treat them like dirt while 90 per cent of men just want to have variety in sex.

Women also tend to get emotionally attached to the other partner knowing that they will not divorce their current husbands.

Astrological analysis of an extra marital affair:

So why do people get into extra marital affairs? Do the stars have an answer? Yes they do! From the astrological point of view, the following planets and houses deserve special attention:


The planet of love and lust. The primary driver for exotic relationships is Venus. If you have a Venus with Mars or a hyper active Venus you are sure to flirt! However, a Venus with Uranus can make you a sex maniac or a pervert who has affairs to satisfy his or her sexual obsessions.

Jupiter (Guru):

The planet of goodness and religion. It is only when you have a weak jupiter would you think of an extra marital affair. Your conscience does not bite you and you feel you have done nothing wrong. A strong Guru will prevent flirtations.

The 5th house:

The 5th house stands for love, romance, scandals and is the primary indicator of affairs. The classical combinations for such relations are – Venus-Rahu in the 5th or Mars-Venus in the 5th house.

The 7th house:

The 7th house stands for marriage. A strong 7th house means that you will never have affairs because you are devoted to your husband.

The 8th house:

The 8th house indicates sexual attitudes, orgasm, masturbation etc. The 8th house indicates whether the affair will be physical or not.

Predicting extra marital affairs:

Is it possible to predict when you will have an affair or when your current affair will break off ? Absolutely! With the proper charts, the following can be easily and fairly accurately predicted: When are you most likely to have an affair? Will there be multiple affairs or just one? Are the affairs due to lust or emotional dependancies? Will you find a cheat or a good lover?


So the next time you doubt that your spouse is having an affair, instead of going to the detective agency, just get his or her horoscope checked!