Infidelity in the Workplace

Infidelity in the WorkplaceAll too often clients call and ask about our ability to capture evidence of infidelity in the workplace. The unfortunate reality about affairs in the office is that even if people suspect that it is going on, the cheaters are likely to be very cautious so as not to get caught. Obviously if people are ducking into an empty room for a tryst, no private investigator is going to be able to document that activity. Despite the obvious barriers to success in capturing infidelity in the workplace, there can be an opportunity. In some instances people will go into work early to hook up or stay late and wait until everyone else has left. After these evening hook ups, the cheaters will often leave together and do things like kiss in the parking lot, go to a motel if others are working late or drive somewhere to fornicate in the car. A good investigator can take advantage of these opportunities and get you proof.