Fun places to cheat in Liverpool

Although infidelity is not a laughing matter, we found an article on Liverpool Confidential that had a new twist on talking about different places to cheat.

Some fun quotes include:

 METRO. 5-9 VICTORIA STREET. L2 5QA. Tel: 0151 236 2200
Ten reasons to have your affair here:
1. It’s got a French theme. The French invented affairs.
2. Booths. Lovely red booths.
3. Wine. You’ll be needing that.
4. Jazz – making sordid little encounters seem sophisticated and meaningful since 1921.
5. It’s downstairs, away from prying eyes.

 If you’re having your affair on a Monday (and I’d recommend it – your partner will never suspect you’re having an affair on a Monday – it’s a very Thursday thing to do) then there’s acoustic guitar karaoke which should cover any embarrassing silences and give a Guinness-fuelled him/her the opportunity to authenticate your romance with a passionate, trashed rendition of ‘Me And Mrs Jones’.


 Look, you won’t be eating for a start: this is an affair, not the semi-finals of Masterchef, and if it’s a bit pricey – GOOD. It should be pricey, you’re doing something extraordinary – you’re going against society’s will and putting your relationship in jeopardy.

Read it all here and props to Stanley McHale