Internet Infidelity Souring Real Relationships

NEW DELHI: With more and more men and women having cyber affairs, Internet infidelity seems to have arrived in India.

The faithful are trying to catch their techno-savvy unfaithful partners red-handed in cyber space by keeping pace with technology.

Anoop (all names in the article are aliases) works from home on his PC and promptly logs off around 7 pm when it’s time for his wife to get back home. Anoop insists that the women he chats with are just “friends”.

Excessive use of Internet is also becoming a reason for break-up of marriages. Adil, 48, has posted fake profiles on almost all matrimonial sites. He interacts with prospective brides trying to pass off as a 30-something groom and often exchanges phone numbers.

It’s not just the husbands and boyfriends who are cheating — the wives and girlfriends are not far behind. Anita, 29, by her own admission is addicted to the ‘30-something-room’ on a popular Indian chat site. As rebuilding trust after an episode of Internet infidelity may not be easy, plenty of websites are offering tips to deal with it.