Is Your Spouse Cheating?

Did you know there is a web-site for those who have cheated on their spouses? I was surprised when the site was shown to me by an acquaintance. On this site people talk about their affairs and share their love, pain, and guilt; kind of an internet therapy for cheaters.

I checked out the site and was shocked at the attitudes of the “cheaters.” Some said they still loved their spouse, some said it was their spouse’s fault that they cheated, some felt that the cheating was “nothing bad” as long as their husband or wife didn’t find out! Talk about ego-centric! Only a few were contrite that they had broken their marital vows.

Cheating is one of the worst things that can happen in a marriage. If couples choose to stay together after an affair has been discovered and ended, the effects of the cheating can be devastating to the innocent party. Trust, the basis of a good marriage, has been irrevocably broken.

How do you know for sure that your spouse is cheating on you? Besides the tell-tale signs of unexplained late hours, money that mysteriously disappears, lack of marital sex, and recent criticisms aimed at you, (your body, your attitude, your intelligence), by your cheating husband or wife, some people are looking for positive proof. The use of the private investigator has returned and their services are on longer only for the rich and famous.You, too, can have a PI looking out for your interests.

The help and assurance a private investigator offers can be invaluable.Like a good lawyer who works hard for her client a private investigator will work to give you the information that you need either for a confrontation or for legal purposes.

Most marriages do not survive a spouse’s infidelities. If they do, the marriage remains damaged. Nothing is the same, or will ever be the same again.

There is no reason for cheating. Some women, (and a few men also), feel that there was something lacking in their own selves. They have a chorus of the “enoughs” as in “I’m not good-looking enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not sexy enough, I’m not good enough, etc.” They tend to blame themselves for what is not their fault.

If you suspect your spouse of cheating and the idea of it is ruining your daily life, causing you to miss work and become depressed, then do consider a private investigator. The cost outweighs the tension and anguish of not knowing.

As far as cheating spouses go, women are just as apt to cheat as men. There is no real difference in the sexes.

Why do some spouses cheat and others do not? What makes one person hold his or her marriage vows sacred, while another risks throwing everything away? Despite the “psycho-talk” of religious upbringing, values, or moral fortitude, no one really knows the answer. A person with no religious background is just as likely to stay faithful as a person who has had religious instruction and values all their lives. A man or woman who has been brought up with certain values and morals will cheat the same as a man or woman who had no definitive morality.

Cheating by its very definition is wrong. Knowing for sure that your spouse is or isn’t cheating is a must for anyone who suspects infidelity. Take charge of your life.