Signs Your Wife is Cheating

5 Physical Signs Your Wife is Cheating

Signs Your Wife is Cheating

According to a major nine-year study on extramarital affairs, approximately 25% of Americans admit to cheating on their spouse at one point. While men, in general, are more likely to do so (or at least admit to it), women are nipping at their heels. There can be many reasons for you to suspect your partner is unfaithful. But when it comes to actual clues, there are several physical signs that may indicate or even confirm your wife is cheating.

She’s Distant or Picks Fights

All couples go through lulls. But one major red flag to pay attention to is how your wife reacts to you in basic conversation outside of major life stress or hormonal peaks. If she’s consistently disinterested in anything you say or worse, gets irritated by the sound of your voice, that can be a sign she’s connecting outside of the marriage. That distance and irritation can also often lead to the adulterer picking fights out of annoyance.

Habits Have Shifted

Whether your wife is physically or emotionally cheating, splitting your life in two takes a toll on anybody. Coping mechanisms often change and not for the best. Obvious signs of guilt and attempting to cope can be shopping or spending changes, smoking or drinking habits increase, or there’s a new sign of binge eating. Fitness-focused spousal signs can be harder to notice, but they’re still there in most cases. Does she go to the gym more often or do the shopping sprees include sexy clothes and new lingerie splurges? If she’s not wearing them for you, she’s likely planning to wear them for someone else.

Her Phone is Constantly Protected

Most people have locks and privacy settings on their phones to keep their business and personal conversations private. Unless you’ve had access to your partner’s phone in the past, that’s probably the situation on both ends of the relationship. That doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is doing anything nefarious. They may just value their privacy and security. However, if you have had access to your wife’s phone activities before and that’s recently changed, it can be a clear physical sign your wife is cheating. Pay attention to her body language when she’s texting or using messaging apps, and make a note of the times her phone is most active and guarded.

Intimacy Has Shut Down

Relationships ebb and flow and intimacy and sex can be sporadic at times. However, pay attention to how the intimacy actually feels when it’s offered or presented. Are the hugs warm and cuddles comforting? Or do simple touches feel cold, and intimacy feel like you’re hugging your sister or great-aunt Sally? Your partner is supposed to be your safe place. If sex is non-existent (or nearly) and intimacy is cold, your wife may be getting that elsewhere.

Her Body Language Has Changed

If your partner isn’t polyamorous or a narcissist, she probably has a good amount of pent-up guilt for having an affair. Your wife may be a world-class liar when it comes to communicating verbally but watch her actions. Does she make and maintain eye contact? Are her arms crossed when talking about her activities? Is she generally fidgety and stiff? Those are all signs there’s a lot more behind her claims. If you’re still unsure, give us a call to connect with an infidelity investigation professional and get the answers you need and deserve.