online infidelity

5 Signs of Online Infidelity

online infidelity

When people think of the word “infidelity”, thoughts of physical adultery and secret liaisons often come to mind. Rarely does the thought of an online tryst or affair even enter the mind until you’re knee-deep in the muck. After all, online infidelity can be even more intense and dangerous to relationships because it most often starts as an emotional connection. While both offline and online infidelity can be harmful, it can be far easier for a cheating boyfriend to claim a physical slip “didn’t mean anything” than it is to talk away a deep emotional connection in which intense personal, sexual, and lifestyle secrets have been shared. Fortunately, there are some simple and unexpected signs of online fidelity that can help verify it’s not all in your head.

Devices Are Password-Protected at All Times

Keeping your devices password-protected is smart and essential for most people who work and connect via their phones or tablets. But keeping those passwords on at home and around your partner may be an obvious sign that there’s quite a bit they don’t want you to know about or see. If you have doubts, ask your partner to unlock their devices. If they refuse, make excuses, or gaslight to make you seem crazy for asking, you’re probably on to something.

Social Media Disconnect

According to data analysis, almost 4 billion people use social media for a total of nearly 51% of the global population. There’s no doubt that social media can reform and reinforce personal and professional connections, but it can also encourage engaging in alternate realities and even extended double lives. So pay attention. Does your partner spend a lot of extra time online and have extra accounts you’re not connected to? If so, you may be dealing with a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend.

Compulsion or Obsession to Reply to Online Contacts

If your partner prefers their phone or device to offline time with you, that can be a sign there’s more than a friend on the other end. Moreover, if your confrontations and pleas to put the tech away lead to defensiveness or anger on their end, a little extra digging may be in order to discover why that’s the case.

Sudden Or Unexpected Behavior Changes

A cheating boyfriend or girlfriend may go through different emotional and physical behaviors while carrying on a secret dalliance. Anger and meanness are obvious signs there’s trouble, but so is sudden attachment and extra affection. If your partner is suddenly extra sweet and attentive to you and there’s no obvious reason why it could be an act of guilt or an attempt to justify their behavior.

Late Night or Off-Hours Internet or Phone Use

Have you ever awoken in the middle of the night to find your partner is out of bed, on the computer, or is shielding the light from their cell phone in an attempt not to wake you? Chances are if they’re on their phone that late on a regular basis, it’s more out of convenience or need than boredom and Minecraft addiction. Whether or not you believe online infidelity is a potential threat, you should always listen to your intuition. When you’re ready to know for sure, give us a call to connect to the best Michigan private investigator and get the truth you need and deserve.