Can There be a Happy Marriage After an Affair?

We all know what happens when couples split after an affair, but what happens to those couples who decide to stay together after an affair? Most pairs who have worked through and resolved their betrayal trauma can enjoy a lifelong happy marriage. For some, overcoming this crisis bonds them for life in a healthier marriage.

Do not assume that an affair automatically implies an end to your marriage.

Understand that physical, emotional or online connection is a betrayal of your spouse.

Treat infidelity as a major relationship trauma to be overcome through openness, talks and treatment toward a recommitment to each other.

Recall the nature of your marriage prior to your infidelity. If you have been previously satisfied and feel repentance, you can, with therapy, rebuild your marriage. Ecstasy is short-lived, commitment is rewarding for life.

Understand that your partner’s infidelity is his/her personal weakness — not a reflection on you. Seek the depth of your forgiveness.

Use professional help to facilitate your reunification work.

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After an Affair