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Top 5 Infidelity Trends

There are a number of emerging infidelity trends that will wreak havoc on marriages in the months to come. Listed below are the five infidelity trends most likely to affect you, and some precautionary measures you can take.

1. WOMEN ARE GAINING IN NUMBERS: Female infidelity has increased 50 percent and is rapidly approaching the rate of male infidelity.

What to Do: Since most female infidelity is preventable, keep your finger on the pulse of your relationship. If your wife or girlfriend expresses dissatisfaction with you or your relationship, don’t treat it lightly.

2. INTERNET AFFAIRS ARE A BIG PROBLEM: Internet-assisted infidelity is now responsible for a third of all divorces.

What to Do: Cyber infidelity, online infidelity, internet infidelity, cyber cheating — whatever term you use — poses a serious threat to any marriage or relationship. Be aware of what your spouse or significant other is doing online when you think they are innocently surfing the net.



3. EMOTIONAL AFFAIRS BLOSSOM INTO SEXUAL ONES: Because many people underestimate the danger of emotional infidelity and cyber affairs, many of these affairs are being ignored, thus enabling them to evolve into sexual infidelity.

What to Do: Don’t underestimate the danger of non-sexual (cyber or emotional) forms infidelity. If you suspect that it’s going on, take positive action before it’s too late.

4. WORKPTop 5 Infidelity TrendsLACE INFIDELITY ON THE RISE: Workplace infidelity stemming from work spouse relationships will destroy numerous marriages/relationships.



What to Do: Take precautions to keep work spouse relationships from turning into workplace affairs. You and your mate should keep each other in the loop, and avoid becoming emotionally dependent on your work husband or work wife.


5. AFFAIRS GO UNDETECTED: Because many people mistakenly assume they know how to spot the signs of infidelity, numerous affairs will go undetected until it’s too late to do anything about them.

Source Ruth Houston


What is Emotional Infidelity?

Emotional InfidelityIn circumstances of emotional infidelity, there needn’t have been any kind of physical intimacy between your partner and the third party. Instead, your partner reaches out to this third party for emotional support, comfort, and in the worse case scenario, falls in love with this third party.

Your partner spends a lot of time with this other party and in return this other party reciprocates, relishing the attention and feelings they have been given by your partner.

Workplace Infidelity is Grounds for Termination

Infidelity in the WorkplaceFYI:     Infidelity is not only a cardinal sin in marriage; employers also are entitled to undivided loyalty from employees. When staff put their own interests ahead of obligations to their employers, they are guilty of conflict of interest and infidelity. As in marriage, such infidelity is grounds for dissolution of the relationship.

You Know They’re Cheating, But Have No Idea When

What should you do if you are aware that they’re cheating, but have no idea when?

First of all, don’t get angry with your investigator.

Any good investigator will have many questions for you, one of the most important being, where and when will the surveillance begin?

We don’t ask this question to frustrate you. We realize that in most cases, “if you knew that” you wouldn’t need us. Well, here’s the thing, we don’t know your husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend at all. I don’t know that your significant other works late on Tuesdays and Thursdays, has dinner with his folks every Sunday at 5 and has his kids every Wednesday and every other weekend, for example.

With that being said, there are a couple of things you can consider when choosing your most effective “start time”.

Rule out the periods of time when you are absolutely certain that it CANNOT be happening, i.e., those times listed above. Once you put pen to paper, you may see a clear pattern of behavior emerge, for example; Aha! Monday evenings, he is supposed to get off of work at 5, but he never gets home until 8. There you have it, your rock solid start time.

But he’s in sales, you say. He is his company’s most valued employee as he is tireless in his dedication to his work and clients. He is ALWAYS working, you say.

Well, have no fear. Here is when some good, ol’ fashioned creativity comes in handy. If cheater offers no clear opportunity, then we will create one for him.

Do you ever travel? Enjoy weekend visits with your folks or old friends? Not usually?

Well, do it now. Hire yourself a professional investigator to monitor the where-abouts of your sweetie. Give him plenty of notice. If cheater is seeing someone else who is supposedly in a committed relationship, this will give them an opportunity to get their stories straight and free them self of their significant other during the same time.

Still nothing? You say, “but we haven’t spent one night apart in 25 years……”

Then you leave your investigator very few options. You must increase your budget.

We hate to ask. We like to work cost efficiently. But in cases such as the above, we just have to ask you to pick a time and go for it. Perhaps you can start with 30-40 hours. Let the investigator get out in the field to get a feel for his subject. He may find that after 5 hours spent tailing the subject, he has an idea of what’s going on and can offer helpful suggestions as far as when the subsequent surveillance sessions should realistically begin.

We do hope that these tips help. We want to help you, but remember, you’ve loved this person for how long now and you don’t know what’s going on.

We certainly have no idea……

Should a Private Investigator Help you Find your Old Girlfriend?

Should people enlist the help of a private investigator to find an old girlfriend?
The answer is a resounding, absolutely, and, no way.

That makes no sense, you say.  Well, let me give you some points to ponder before you get upset with me.

I don’t know who you are.  I am sure you are a fine person of strong moral character and certainly a pillar of integrity within your community, but none-the-less, you are a stranger to me.  I have been specifically trained to question anything unfamiliar to me.  Please don’t be offended when I am unmoved by proclamations to the effect of “I’m not crazy”.

You must understand that I have no idea of the circumstances behind the demise of your past relationship.  I am always curious though, if she wanted to remain friends with you, why did she not provide you with her forwarding information?  Never-the-less, I am not always so cynical.  I know that friends lose touch.  I know that people grow up and move away and friendships get lost in life’s shuffle.  If this is true in your case, then nothing will bring me greater joy then to reunite you and your friend, but let’s consider the more sinister side of people and their motives.

At least once a day, I’ll get a call from a seemingly kind man who “just lost his wife” and would enjoy reconnecting with his “first love” just to see how she is and how her life is going.  Well, my first instinct is to be moved by the romance of it all.  How special she must be that she is thought of so highly after so many years……sigh….but I digress….

Suddenly, I am reminded of the harsh reality of “sometimes”.  Sometimes seemingly kind man has a restraining order against him.  Sometimes “first love” is unrequited and would tremble if she thought a private investigator revealed her whereabouts to her ex boyfriend.

As professional private investigators we have a duty to know the intentions of our prospective clients.  We have a policy here from which we never deviate; we will NEVER release our subject’s personal information without her permission.  We also make it our business to know exactly who our clients are so it should not come as a surprise when I ask you for the first 5 or last 4 digits of your social security number on our investigations agreement.  I want to be sure that you are who you say you are.

Okay, with all that being said, let’s assume you’re on the up and up.  Let’s say that you want to know whether your ex is married or single before you decide to contact her.  No problem.  I am perfectly willing to let you know what I believe her marital status to be (this is not free of charge).  If it appears she is attached, you may decide to hold off on contacting her.  We will file her information for future reference in case circumstances change for either of you.

If she is free, one of our female investigators will contact her to offer your contact information, or obtain her permission to release hers to you.  We can also forward a handwritten letter from you, to her.  This allows us to withhold her information while still allowing you to reach out to her.

I’m a huge romantic and a fan of first loves reuniting in the second half of their lives. I just want to be sure that both parties are as pleased as I am about the prospect of becoming reacquainted with each other.  I hope you understand.   I hope you take comfort in knowing that I will protect your information as diligently as I do hers.

Unprofessional P.I.s

I had an opportunity to attend a training for investigators recently and during one of the breaks there was an excited conversation taking place within a group of investigators who were new to the business. They had what sounded like a varied past set of experiences, some being from the military, some from law enforcement and at least one from corporate security. They were having a good time pointing out the “problems” associated with domestic cases like infidelity investigations. In particular, they felt the clients, who mind you are going through a very difficult time dealing with the prospect of their spouse cheating on them and who have no idea how investigations are handled, are not smart enough to represent. The labeled these clients as “morons” and began some excellent story telling about cases where the client was charged a large amount of money but, the investigation failed to yield any results.

This same group then began describing how they often charge such clients hundreds of dollars for “data” about the other man/woman, that is nothing more than database runs that cost $5 and $10, again laughing about the loser clients who buy that info.

At this point I joined the conversation and asked about their practices, areas of specialization, training, office location and staff size. This lead the another round of jokes about how a PI should always take every case that comes their way and simply farm out the work to someone else for a kick back rather than simply telling the client that they do not do that type of work.

This lack of professionalism is a major cause of concern the “real” private investigators, with real offices, real staff, real reports, real training, real ethics policies and a real commitment to their clients.

IMO, if your PI is working from their home office in the basement, run! You deserve better.

Woman makes kidnap claim to cover up her infidelity

She is now under arrest after police discovered that her claim was untrue

A Romanian woman who reported that she had been kidnapped and sexually abused to cover up an infidelity has been arrested by police in Alicante.

The supposed assault was reported by her Ecuadorian boyfriend in February, and later confirmed by the woman herself when questioned as part of the police investigation. She told them that her assailant was a man who had brought her to Spain some years ago with a promise of work, and had then forced her into prostitution.

The investigation determined that her claim was false, and she was taken into custody. She admitted after her arrest that she had made the story up to stop her partner discovering that she had been unfaithful.

Swedish Web site offers infidelity testing

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (UPI) — The Swedish Web site makes it possible for suspicious partners to find out if their significant others have been unfaithful.

Although the Web Site was mainly set up to offer DNA paternity tests, the company said it would be more than willing to test any samples sent in to them, The Local reported.

The technique gives customers the possibility to find out if their partner has been unfaithful, spokesman Bo Erlandsson told The Local.

He added that although the Web site offers the service, it has not had very many people use the site to test for infidelity.

We have just had a couple so far. This service is not something we beat a big drum about, said Erlandsson.

There is also a catch to the service, besides the fact that it costs about $450 — some sort of evidence that the partner may have cheated must be provided.

There must be a reason to come to us. For example, a man might suspect that his wife is unfaithful. If he finds stains in her underwear he can send it to us. We can then determine if it is sperm. Then we can find out if it comes from another man or from himself, said Erlandsson.

Woman Sues Reality TV Show For Fraud, Assault

(CBS) LOS ANGELES A young woman who alleges she was duped into playing a cheating spouse in a Spanish-language reality television show sued the director and the station that aired the show.

Elizabeth I. Anderson filed her lawsuit Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. Among the defendants are Hearst-Argyle Television Inc., the owners of Spanish-language KCRA, and Alejandra Duque, producer/director of the series “Secretos.”

Anderson alleges fraud, misrepresentation, negligent supervision, intentional infliction of emotional distress, defamation and assault and battery.

She is asking for unspecified general, medical and punitive damages.

“Secretos” is about a team of private investigators led by J.C. Uribe who track down unfaithful spouses and friends to uncover their secrets. Uribe also is named as a defendant.

Anderson’s suit alleges the series implies that the cast members are real people who cheat on their spouses. In reality, the show is scripted, and the characters are actors who have no idea they will be on “Secretos” and portrayed as they are, the lawsuit stated.

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles because scenes involving Anderson were filmed in the city, including a “confrontation” on Melrose Avenue in which Anderson was assaulted and suffered a concussion, according to the lawsuit.

Officials with Hearst-Argyle were unavailable for immediate comment.

According to the lawsuit, Anderson, who is fluent in Spanish, was hired for an acting assignment by the defendants in January 2005 when she was 20 and a recent graduate of New York University. She was not told she was going to appear in an episode of “Secretos,” the lawsuit stated.

The first scenes were shot at the home of a friend of Duque, where Anderson and a male actor were told they were going to act out an implied sex scene in which she would remove the man’s shirt, the lawsuit stated.

But when the cameras started rolling, Duque and the cameraman started telling Anderson to take off her clothes, the lawsuit stated.

Anderson objected and started to walk off the set, but Duque apologized and persuaded her to stay, the lawsuit stated.

A rehearsal for the next few scenes occurred on Melrose Avenue, the lawsuit stated. There, Anderson and the same male actor were met by three “Secretos” investigators, according to the lawsuit.

Another male actor who was playing Anderson’s jealous husband then attacked the man she was walking with, the lawsuit stated. Anderson was hit in the face and head and fell unconscious to the ground, according to the lawsuit.

The “Secretos” crew members told Anderson to stop crying and gave her $60 to see a doctor, the lawsuit stated.

Anderson was so traumatized she quit acting and moved away from Los Angeles, the lawsuit stated.

In Japan Cell phones help wives’ doubts ring true about cheating husbands

Mobile phones are the biggest reason behind cheating Japanese husbands getting caught, according to a Shukan Post (12/22) survey on salaryman infidelity.

The top-selling men’s weekly probed 300 married salarymen, finding out that 74 percent had cheated on their wives at least once and 30.2 percent are still playing around.

“I’ve found out that about 80 percent of married men have played around at least once, so the Post findings don’t come as much of a shock at all. It just backs my findings,” Sanae Kameyama, writer of “Furin no Koi de Kurushimu Otokotachi (Men Burdened With Immoral Love),” tells Shukan Post.

Of the cheating salarymen, 35.8 percent had seen their extramarital affairs exposed, with mobile phones being the reason in 22.5 percent of cases. Other common methods of capture included smelling of perfume or being covered in cosmetics, and actually being caught red-handed.

“In my research, too, mobile phones were overwhelmingly the main reason men’s affairs have been discovered. It’s common sense to wipe out your call history and records of who you’ve called, but plenty of people are nabbed when their phones are checked,” Kameyama says. “Women know that the easiest way to check on their husbands is to take a look at their mobile phone records.”

That’s exactly how a 32-year-old Osaka housewife revealed her husband’s infidelity.

“Over the past couple of months, he started acting strangely. He took his phone with him wherever he went, even if it was only to pick up a packet of smokes. He also hid it under his clothes when he took them off to have a bath. He’d never behaved anything like this in the past,” the woman tells Shukan Post. “He wouldn’t check his phone e-mail when we were sitting around watching TV and the final straw for me came when he started hiding his phone under his pillow, saying he wanted to use it as an alarm clock to wake him in the mornings. I followed him one day and it didn’t take long before I spotted him walking along with his arm linked to a young hussy.”

Another woman used a slightly slyer means to catch out her love rat hubby.

“One night I got my husband’s mobile phone and noticed that late on Friday night he’d received 10 different phone calls from a ‘Taro Yamada (roughly the Japanese equivalent of “John Brown”).’ I thought it was a bit weird, so I called the number and the voice on the other end of the phone was clearly a young woman,” the 38-year-old housewife says.

Marriage guidance counselor Hiromi Ikeuchi says that when guys fall for someone other than their wife, they often give off plenty of signs.

“For instance, a man might talk about a new woman come to work in his office and what a nice woman she is. But if he actually starts having an affair with that woman, he’ll completely stop talking about her in the home,” she says. “Often guys give away their infidelity without ever realizing it.”

Catching love rats isn’t entirely a one-way street, though guys have a long way to go before they catch up with their spouses, as only a mere 9 percent of surveyed salarymen said they had caught their wife playing around.

“My guess is that about 80 percent of women wouldn’t mind having a fling and around 30 percent have probably gone through with their wish. I know of one woman who used to cart her 3-month-old baby around to the love hotels where she had her trysts with a secret lover,” Ikeuchi tells Shukan Post. “Starting from April next year, laws will be changed to allow career housewives to claim part of their husband’s pension payments in the event of a split. Many foresee a lot of divorcing going on among the middle-aged and elderly after that. I think that many women will be concealing their own infidelity while trying to find proof of their husbands’ cheating. You’ve got to be careful, you don’t know who you’re really married to.” (By Ryann Connell)

December 18, 2006