do women cheat private investigator

Do Women Cheat More Than Men?

do women cheat private investigator

Relationships can be wonderful, but all romantic relationships hit rocky stages. Dissatisfaction, neglect, jealousy, goal or personality differences, parenting disputes, and financial issues can all play a part in cracking even the most solid foundation. Once upon a time, the term infidelity had far more serious implications leading to people whispering and consistently pointing fingers at the male partner. Of course, sensible people know and accept the fact that the man isn’t always the culprit. But do women cheat more than men?

What Actually Constitutes “Cheating”?

Infidelity is generally defined by intimate acts sought or received elsewhere that pose a threat to a committed relationship. In most cases, true cheating is believed to involve physical activity. However, that’s not the case for many couples. And sometimes, physical cheating isn’t even the most harmful type of infidelity. The actual definition of cheating depends on the couple itself. If you feel flirting and a wandering eye is cheating, then it is.

If you think your partner secretly texting a coworker in secret or after work hours or maintaining friendships with exes and secretly messaging them on social media is cheating, then that’s infidelity as well… as long as you and your partner are aware of your beliefs and limits. The main types of clinical infidelity are physical and emotional infidelity. Both types can result in deep emotional and psychological connections with the outside partner. Also, in both cases, the “cheating” can result in serious relationship neglect and a complete relationship breakdown.

What Are the Main Reasons Women Cheat?  

Men and women may seem like apples and oranges on a variety of topics. But they’re both still human with the same human drives and needs. Women, however, are typically more mentally and emotionally charged and expressive in their sexual and relationship drives than men. The main reasons women cheat include:

  • Late response or re-enactment of childhood abuse or trauma
  • Intense or consistent loneliness/low self-esteem
  • They’re overwhelmed by their current relationship or home life
  • Their relationship needs aren’t being met
  • Neglect, lack of appreciation, and/or poor sex life
  • They lack and crave intimacy

Do Women Really Cheat More Than Men?

Several legitimate and competently sourced studies can be found pointing fingers at either gender as leading infidelity statistics. But the truth is, it’s really subjective and quite balanced. Of course, that all depends on location, personal situation, age, and whether those polled are being honest. According to Institute for Family Studies, the percentage of male cheaters over a 16-year study is slightly higher in all age groups, except in women between 18 and 29. Young female millennials cheated 1% more than males in that same age group. Surprisingly, the largest gap was between men and women over the age of 80 with women of that age group cheating less than anyone else in the U.S.

What Can You Do If You Think Your Partner Is Cheating?

Cheating is a dangerous and harmful act regardless of who steps outside of the relationship. If you believe your partner is cheating, don’t wait too long to verify your concerns. You can do some things on your own like search bank records and public social media accounts. But diving too deeply could result in wasted time and extra headaches. Instead, give us a call to hire a private investigator and get the answers you need and deserve.