Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

A VENGEFUL wife who discovered her husband had visited a prostitute got her own back by revealing the sordid details in an email to his work colleagues.

Another girl who was ditched by text message took costly revenge by sand blasting her fiance’s £70,000 Porsche car.

Meanwhile, a third scorned lover took the drastic action of sleeping with her boyfriend’s brother and best pal when she discovered he was having an affair with a work colleague.

Up to eight in 10 women would do something nasty to a partner if they were suddenly ditched, according to new research.

And new technology is aiding spurned women with up to four in 10 of those taking revenge resorting to email or internet tactics to name and shame an unfaitful ex-lover.

One in three women say they have taken revenge on an ex-lover by putting their naked pictures on the internet or sent compromising photographs by mobile phone.

One in 10 claimed to be dumped by text or email is an act that would not go unpunished.

The survey was commissioned to coincide with the release of the film My Super-Ex Girlfriend starring Uma Thurman as a girl with supernatural powers who makes her ‘ex’ Luke Wilson’s life a living hell when he dumps her.

The report found new technology is making revenge easier to execute for a ditched girlfriend.

Of the 9000 women interviewed, 7% admitted posting false details about their partner on a singles dating website.

Around 10% of women went further and posted their straight ex-lover’s details on to a gay singles internet site.

Researchers found there few limits women will stop at to get revenge.

One in two would lie, a quarter would be willing to compromise a friendship and 15% would break the law.

And 63% of those who have taken revenge against an ex admitted to feeling better.