Best Private Investigator Tips for Catching a Cheater

While there are several types of relationships, no one falls in love and enters a mutually exclusive lifelong committed relationship with the idea of cheating down the road. But adultery is still a major reason for divorce. In most states, it’s barely a legal excuse, often resulting in a misdemeanor or minor fine at best–and that’s if it’s even pursued by the victim. Michigan’s a bit different. While it is a no-fault divorce state, adultery has been listed as a statewide crime since 1931 and it still can be charged as a felony today. Of course, the betrayed spouse rarely follows up on it to that degree. In most cases, the partner who discovers the infidelity simply wants out of the marriage or relationship but needs the proof to do so. Fortunately, a Michigan private investigator can help you catch a cheating spouse.

Dive Into Tech Traces

According to national research, approximately 92% of adult mobile users connect to the internet daily and over 30% of those with mobile devices are constantly connected. Online connections are some of the most damaging extramarital relationships because once a partner connects emotionally to someone else, they’ve usually basically checked out of the marriage. There are often telltale signs of online infidelity, including spending extra time on their devices, and suddenly hiding or locking their phone. Even if they’ve covered their tracks, technology leaves trails. So texts, phone records, and email can be reclaimed and collected as personal or legal evidence if you catch it in time.

Journal Your Findings

Cheating spouses can be tricky and attempt to keep things offline, but their behavior can still change in minor but consistent ways. Keep a journal or written record of notable changes to see if a pattern builds. Write down when business trips become more frequent or how many extra nights a week your spouse is working later than usual. Pay more attention to bank records and jot down details regarding spikes in monetary withdrawals. And pay closer attention to how often they offer to leave the house. Write down the times, days, and length of time they’re gone. Once caught, cheaters often try to lie or confuse their way out of trouble so those records can help keep you focused on the facts. 

Keep It Legal

Most states have serious privacy laws in place, and even those in the gray areas can be argued in favor of their client by good legal representation. This covers more than just sneaking a peek into your spouse’s text messages. Bugging their car or office, hacking into social media accounts, and making hard copies of their emails may get you physical proof of the affair, but it may also have you facing litigation charges down the road. Michigan spousal surveillance can be done confidentially, correctly and legally by the right professional Michigan private investigator. So there’s really no need to increase your stress levels and make unnecessary mistakes by doing it all on your own. 

Prepare for the Unexpected

The goal of a private investigator is to discover and deliver the truth to their client, regardless of what that proof discloses. There may be some uncomfortable discoveries along the way and you’ll need to prepare yourself for that reality. While you may think you’re on the road to catch a cheating spouse, you may instead or also uncover hidden money issues, family problems, addictions, or other illegal activities. Try to avoid assuming the worst without definitive proof. And if you can’t find it on your own, be sure to give us a call.